Bonamici acknowledges key issue is JOBS

by NW Spotlight

In a radio interview on KEX today, Suzanne Bonamici was asked what the key issue in the race was. She answered “Jobs; jobs and the economy.” She got that right.

Suzanne Bonamici is a lawyer, married to another lawyer – David Wu’s long-time lawyer, in fact. Suzanne’s opponent, Rob Cornilles, is a small business owner with a record as a job creator and a plan to create jobs once elected.

Any evidence Bonamici knows how to create jobs?

Suzanne began serving in the Oregon Legislature on January 2, 2007; just under five years ago. In that time, her party has enjoyed dominant control of state government. They have controlled the Senate and the Governor’s office all that time, and they controlled the House for the first four years – and in the last year they’ve had to split control of just the House. For much of the past five years, Suzanne’s party has enjoyed super-majority in the Legislature. There can be no excuse that her opposition party caused anything – they haven’t controlled ANYTHING in the state government in that time.

When Suzanne took office, Oregon’s unemployment rate was 5.1%, and 97,000 Oregonians were unemployed.

Now Oregon’s unemployment rate is at 9.1%, and 182,000 Oregonians are unemployed.

Where is the evidence that Suzanne knows how to create jobs? Obviously Oregon’s economic woes are much bigger than the Oregon Legislature – but the numbers certainly show that there’s no indication that Suzanne knows how to create jobs.

As Suzanne said, the key issue is this race is jobs. Oregon’s first congressional district needs a proven job creator, a small business owner, not another lawyer in Washington D.C.

Oregon’s first congressional district needs Rob Cornilles.