Bonamici doesn’t give DCCC much choice

by NW Spotlight

Like David Wu before her, there’s no substance to Suzanne Bonamici

Of course the Washington D.C. based Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is spending their $1 million trying to attack Rob Cornilles; what other choice do they have? Promote Bonamici? Promote her “accomplishments”, her substance, her ideas on how to create jobs? Promote that she’s about as far from independent as you can get, or that she’s got one of the most liberal voting records in the state?

Suzanne Bonamici is the epitome of the politician who mistakes ambition for substance.

There’s nothing to promote about their Wu-like candidate, and so the DCCC is left with no choice but to try to attack small business owner Rob Cornilles. And because Rob Cornilles doesn’t have the kind of skeletons in the closet that Bonamici’s family friend Wu does, it’s been tough for the DCCC: they have to pretend they don’t possess a 4th grader’s understanding of a math word problem when it comes to Cornilles’ experience creating jobs.

What the DCCC had to work with on Bonamici:

Her accomplishments:

Suzanne Bonamici helped pass a bill that requires explicit permission be given before a consumer can be obligated financially when accepting a free trial offer. OK, it’s not much, but she does have it on her campaign web site as an “example” accomplishment. Jeff Mapes’ article from yesterday’s Oregonian sums it up quite nicely “Bonamici’s record [in the state legislature] attracted little attention”.

Her ideas for creating jobs:

To be honest, Suzanne doesn’t really have this nailed down yet…

Her substance:

Jeff Mapes’ article from yesterday’s Oregonian reveals a Suzanne Bonamici who is extremely liberal, who never voted against a fee increase or tax hike, and who enjoys strong trade union and public employee union support.

Mapes wrote “Democratic congressional candidate Suzanne Bonamici has racked up one of the most liberal voting records of any lawmaker in Salem during her five years in the Legislature.”

Suzanne Bonamici is so vapid, so lacking substance, that when the Oregonian’s PolitiFact went looking for some fact that she’d said that they could check, they couldn’t think of anything! They had to ask the Rob Cornilles campaign if THEY could think of any facts that Suzanne Bonamici had said!

Her independence:

Data from The Oregonian reveals that Suzanne Bonamici voted along party lines 98.3% of the time in the State Senate. Not so independent.