Men who frequent strip clubs are dirtbags

by Bill Post

It’s time to take back America in more than just politics. We need to return to a time of caring for one another, showing respect and having some self respect.

This story starts with the article in the Salem Statesman Journal on 12/28/2011 about the strip club that hired a 17-year old girl.

After reading most of that article on my radio show on Wednesday, I made some comments that evidently started a fire in some quarters.   My contention is that the men who frequent strip clubs are dirtbags.  If you are married, you are a dirtbag for treating your wife with such little respect.  If you are single, you are because you are furthering the downfall of a woman.

Below are some direct Facebook messages and comments on this topic.

Hi. I resented the comment about being a dirtbag if I give a dollar to a dancer. The overwhelming majority of them are there to make a living instead of being on state aid. And they aren’t as judgemental about other people as some of the righteous Christian folks.

That’s why I am dropping you from my FB list.


My reply: I sure hope you ain’t married boy! Show some respect for women. Show some respect for humanity, show some respect for yourself! Sheesh. Sad, sad.

His response back: You sound more and more like a Liberal.  I don’t believe I said anything to deserve that. Little man.

My response to that: A liberal? Ha, I make Reagan look like a hippie. Conservatives don’t frequent this type of establishment. Nothing to do with religion either, it’s morality; what this country sorely lacks.

(His final response)

You would be surprised how many conservatives go to those establishments. You might even be surprised to know that some of the dancers are conservative. But because you don’t frequent those places, you can’t know the people there. Just because a lot of us aren’t regular church attendees doesn’t mean we aren’t conservative. I’m not saying that becoming a stripper is a good thing, not at all, and true, some of the customers at some of the divey clubs are sad representatives of humanity, but I have met some people that are regular church attendees that lie, gossip, cheat, and backstab, all because they think going to church will absolve them of their pettiness.

I posted the original post here because I didn’t think it was right to be calling people names just because you don’t happen to agree with what they do. And the more you act like this, the more I realize that you are indeed an ass.

Now here’s a mix of comments from my Facebook post and from the Statesman Journal comments page:

1) Would anybody give a crap about this girl if she had waited the 3 or 6 months or whatever it is until she was 18 and then started stripping? The answer is no. Trafficking? Counseling? Ugh. I think Bills comment is more predatory than some strip club manager being duped with a fake ID.

2) Why is the [“Statesman Urinal”] printing libel?  They quoted the mother as stating that Presley’s *knowingly* hired her underage daughter. That is an unfounded statement accusing them of a criminal act. They follow it with the business pointing out that the ID the daughter gave as being apparently fraudulent. but of course, in standard yellow journalism fashion, the [“Statesman Urinal”] dismisses this in preference to the mother’s unfounded allegation.  The mother should be sued for defamation and slander, the [“Statesman Urinal”] should be sued for defamation and libel.  And if it is the setup of the business by the mother and daughter they should both be brought up on criminal charges and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  The business is not obligated to show the raving mother anything but the door.

3) I support everyone working hard to make a living. I’m not here to judge what is right and wrong. I personally think going to a strip club is a waste of money, but I have nothing against people who enjoy going or girls who earn a living entertaining. Swag.

All of the above were comments from MEN.

Let’s see what the women are saying:

1) It’s child exploitation/sex trafficking. I don’t salute anything about this.  

2) We as a society are minimizing these scenarios all too much. The underage dancing thing is NOT as rare as this investigator is saying that it is. They just haven’t investigated clubs enough to make more arrests. Oregon is the number 1 state for child trafficking and exploitation because we don’t have solid laws in place to convict traffickers of these crimes. Do you really think this is the club owner’s first rodeo with underage victims? The societal demand is for younger and younger girls. It is a really big deal that a 17 year old girl does not see her value and will chose a life of sexual exploitation instead of education. This goes way beyond just a simple case of teenage rebellion.

3) [I don’t know] if you’ve ever been in a strip club and know what goes on in them, but the women are subjected to a myriad of verbal, sexual and emotional abuse. As a feminist, this type of thing absolutely appalls me, and as a human, it deeply saddens me that the awareness isn’t there.

4) I’m sure that you didn’t make that statement because you condone child exploitation. I don’t think you’re a bad person for making the comment either. I think that many people don’t really know what’s going on in this industry because if they did, they would want to shut down every strip club in the nation.

5) All I can say is, I sure would have a problem with my husband “supporting” those dancers! There are plenty of other people who can be supported–ones who don’t make it their business to sexually arouse men who don’t belong to them.

6) As for the guys themselves, well, single guys can make their own decisions. But when I’m committed to being exclusive and not eyeing other guys, I expect my man to return the favor.

7) If you want to support someone trying to earn a living, go to a farmer’s market or give money to someone who’s playing an instrument in the street. But please don’t help to degrade women by giving money to an exotic dancer.

8) No matter what excuse or tag one wants to put on this, it is human bondage. Because these young women can make that kind of money, they get trapped into that lifestyle and it is very difficult to get them out of it. Just because we want to get them out of that horrible lifestyle, we Christians are called judgmental and a lot of other things. This worldview is a huge barrier in being able to help these women out of that trap.

Well, I could go on, but you get the point.  This was a very good representation of age groups too – from 20-somethings to 70-somethings; both genders.

I am sorry if I offend someone, but that is my job.  I believe in the ABSOLUTE authority of the Bible and being led by the Holy Spirit of God who tells me in my heart that watching a woman, or in this case a girl, take her clothes off for my sexual amusement is WRONG, period.

If you are not a “God person” then how about this: are we better or worse as a society with this “entertainment” so readily available and further, would you be happy with your daughter deciding this is her career choice, even temporarily?

It’s time to take back America in more than just politics. We need to return to a time of caring for one another, showing respect and having some self respect.

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