Straw Poll: Should Oregon have a Lieutenant Governor?

By the Taxpayer Association of Oregon

A straw poll of over 300 Oregon taxpayer activists were asked whether they support or oppose the creation of a Lieutenant Governor position in Oregon. The majority of those polled say no.  (230 oppose and only 72 support).

The last legislative vote in Oregon considering a Lieutenant Governor position was in 2007. At that time, Rep. Dennis Richardson saw the position as “an ambassador” for the state to encourage economic development. Now, with the new 2011 legislative session, it appears Representative Richardson is once again going to present it for consideration to “encourage economic trade and business development for the state.”

45 states presently have a Lieutenant Governor position to act as a state ambassador and is empowered when the governor is out of that state.

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  • Steve Plunk

    One more state employee? How about thousands fewer? No Lieutenant Governor.

  • Bob Clark

    I’d be willing to trade one Lieutenant Governor for going back to biannual sessions of the Oregon legislature. A Lieutenant Governor usually doesn’t do anything; but by comparison, the more often the legislature meets, the poorer and gloomier life gets for everyday Oregonians. The Oregon legislature is pretty much the government of personal can’t dos. No Can Do Oregon. Can’t build on your farm. Can’t have a baby carriage on your bike. Can’t be a barber without a license. Can’t disturb a blade of grass 50 or more feet from an occasional wet spot on your property. Can’t use a cell phone this way or that way. Can’t have a plastic bag. Can’t stop building and paying for light rail trains serving a few. Can’t have paid petitioners this way or that way. Can’t stop paying for your neighbor’s high cost roof top solar panels. Can’t stop paying for the Solar Worlds of the state. Can’t build this or that charter school or online school. Can’t stop a wolf from eating your livestock. Can’t build a west side bypass of Portland…must instead just replace existing CRC with a choo choo train without C Tran express service. Can’t sell your house with a woodstove unless most superly up to date. Can’t buy health insurance outside the state for in state use. Can’t buy health insurance without paying for someone else’s birthcontrol, pregancy care, etc.

    Yes I would surely trade for biannual or less often legislative sessions for one shining lieutenant governor.

    p.s This would make for a good article… a list of can’t dos comparative to other U.S states.

    • noibn

      Might say a ‘distressing’ signal with SOS Kate Brown awaiting in the blings.

      Eyeore, how about a Randy “Loo” Leonard ‘marking’ progress as LG, bray tell?


  • Rupert in Springfield

    Surprise surprise, a group of taxpayer activists was against adding another trough feeder sucking off the rest of us.

  • Sickofsalem

    Don’t we have enough pencil-neck screwballs in Salem trough feeding like angry pigs without adding another meaningless position??

  • Pinkie French

    no. just another dem on the unsistainable payroll.

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