Bonamici admits Wu ineffective “quite a long time”

by NW Spotlight

Suzanne Bonamici appeared today on KATU’s Your Voice / Your Vote, and when asked by host Steve Dunn when it was that she reached the conclusion that David Wu needed to step down, Bonamici replied “It’s been pretty clear for quite a long time that this District hasn’t had effective representation.”


So she’s known for “quite a long time” that CD-1 wasn’t being effectively represented, that Wu needed to step down?

If that’s the case, then why did Suzanne Bonamici continue to support David Wu until the end? Why did she donate money to his last campaign? Why did she work to keep other Democrats from running against Wu? Why didn’t she speak up for the 18-year-old victim of David Wu’s sexual assault and call for Wu’s resignation the way that Brad Avakian and Brad Witt did? The way that Sen. Ron Wyden and Sen. Jeff Merkley did?

Is this the way that Suzanne Bonamici tackles problems that she knows about? She does nothing? Is that who we want representing CD-1 in Congress?