Cornilles cuts lead in CD-1 race to 4 percentage points

by NW Spotlight

The Oregonian is reporting that a January 11-12th poll shows Bonamici’s lead had been cut to 4 percentage points. The poll was conducted by Bob Moore of Moore Information, for the Cornilles campaign.

Two earlier polls at the first of January and in mid-December showed an 11 percentage point lead by Bonamici. The first poll, in mid-December, was conducted for Daily Kos and SEIU, both of which typically support Democrats. The second poll, in early January, was taken by SurveyUSA for KATU TV.

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  • Andrew Rapp

    The choice is easy, David Wu part two or real change.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly history is not on our side, unless the GOP candidate is up greater than 10% in the polls we lose. it not going to be close.  Bonamici by high 50%’s

  • valley person

    Sounds like wishful thinking. The poll was taken FOR Corniles, not by an independent pollster. Its common for the losing side to run these sorts of fake polls to help motivate their voters. Corniles will likely lose by 10 points unles he can convince enough voters that Bonamici is Wu in disguise.

    • JoelinPDX

      Convincing the voters that Bonermici is Wu in disguise is an easy task…except for all of the stupid Democrats (which is most of them, they are Democrats) who just tend to vote the party line.

      So, VP, you’re saying the Blue Oregon/SEIU poll wasn’t bogus because it showed Bonermici winning? Nice spin. I don’t know who did the Blue Oregon poll but I do know that Bob Moore is a legitimate pollster who doesn’t cook the results for his clients. 

      So, actually, it looks like Cornilles is closing the gap on Bonermici. Unfortunately, although Cornilles may win a special, he’ll have a Scott Brown situation on his hands come the general.

      • None


        Are you trying to imply that Bonamici is the same as John “Boner” Boehner?

        Or do you just like turning ethnic names into slurs?

      • Um, BlueOregon has never conducted a poll in the nearly 7.5 years we’ve been around.

        • Andrew Rapp

          To conduct a poll means you would have to pay for it and liberals only like spending other people’s money.

  • zumpie

    Wow, it’s a fake, internal poll and even still your boy trails by 4 points. And then brags about it. Completely pathetic.

    BTW, I love your related links in which Republicans either “led” or trailed by less, so you persuaded yourselves you’d win. It’s a blue district, he’s an incredibly weak candidate. You’re gonna lose. AGAIN.

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