Jeff Merkley not popular at home. 96 percent of donations out of state.

Number of Merkley Donors: 146
From Oregon: 9
Percent from Oregon: 6%

Total contributions: $254,390
Dollars from Oregon: $10,600
Percent from Oregon: 4%

Note: 254390 Total Contributions listed on 48 Reports.

Here is an interesting story on Merkley…

Oregon race could spell end of Schumer streak
Saturday, May 17, 2008

WASHINGTON (AP) “” As head of the deep-pocketed Democratic Senatorial Campaign Commission, New York Sen. Charles Schumer hand-picked his party’s nominee to take on Oregon Sen. Gordon Smith, the last Republican standing on the West Coast.

But apparently, Schumer forgot to inform the state’s voters.

Days before votes are counted in the Oregon primary, Schumer’s choice “” Oregon House Speaker Jeff Merkley “” is in a tight battle with Portland lawyer and activist Steve Novick. Polls show the race is too close to call.

If Novick pulls off the upset, it could be a rare loss for Schumer, who acquired a reputation as a recruitment kingmaker after steering Democrats back to majority control of the Senate in 2006. This year, Schumer is working to expand that majority, with some Democrats even hoping for a 60-seat, filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

The DSCC is working overtime to make sure Merkley ekes out a win. Schumer, who recruited Merkley after two Democrats in the state’s congressional delegation declined to run, has sent fundraising appeals on Merkley’s behalf, and the DSCC has spent nearly $300,000 on TV ads boosting Merkley.

All that effort has left Novick puzzled….

  • devietro

    I wish this story had come out earlier. Now its too late for the Primary and too early for the general election. Either way I think Smith is safe.

    • dmf

      Yes but are we?

  • John Fairplay

    A candidate for U.S. Senate has 146 donors? Good Lord, my Christmas card list is bigger then that.

    • Anon

      This post isn’t explained well unless you understand FEC law. I think it’s two weeks out from an election, campaigns are required to report every 48 hours on large donations that they receive. This post adds up all the contributions on the 48 reports and shows that Merkley is getting flooded with money from out of state to help the DSCC select the candidate in Oregon’s Democratic primary.

  • Jeff

    I’m just finally glad we’ve come to ballot opening day… now the political ads should come to a brief end.

    Good grief but they are all annoying.

  • BetsyO

    Merkley’s raised about 1.8 million; perhaps over 2 million now. Where you get these numbers?

  • Anon-


    Read above in the comments. The post isn’t clear but it’s a tabulation of the “48 Hour” Reports to the FEC. By law, Merley must send the FEC a listing of all the large donors to his campaign in the closing period of his primary campaign. These reports are generated by the campaign every 48 hours since May 6th.

    These reports show … 146 large donors. With only 9 of them from Oregon. And the numbers look worse when you look at it from actual donation amounts to the Merkley campaign. As reported in the headline … THAT percentage is just 4 %.


    LOL! Aren’t the liberals the one that complain that initiative they don’t like ” are funded out of state”? I find it funny that their Federal candidates need to do the same, yet they remain quite about it. H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y anyone?

    • dean

      Dude….its not like Gordon Smith is not taking money from Washington lobbyists. It may be hypocritical, but unilateral disarmament is just dumb.

      Also…given the election results, I suggest a revision of the orignial post. Apparently Jeff is popular, at least with a lot of Democratic voters.

      Are you ready for the November Democratic tsunami? is Gordon Smith?

      • CRAWDUDE

        I believe there will be a Tsunami but Merkely is going to be one of the few who doesn’t ride the wave to victory.

        Much like Clinton fatigue, this country is now suffering from Bush fatigue……..and 4000+ deaths that should never have happened!

        • dean

          Dude…its well over 100,000 if we count Iraqis as people. What we do next depends on who gets elected in the fall. McCain is in for the long haul…however long that may mean.

          • dean

            Oh…and I agree with you on Merkley. I think Smith will survive, but just barely this time. Oregonians cut him a lot of slack.