TV ad hits on Bonamici’s connections to Wu

by NW Spotlight

The Cornilles for Congress campaign has released its latest TV ad “A Fresh Start”. The ad starts out with the narrative “The same people who covered up for David Wu are now deceiving you about Rob Cornilles,” while showing Suzanne Bonamici standing in front of David Wu. Bonamici does have extensive connections to disgraced former Congressman David Wu, and she was very much a part of the conspiracy of silence that enabled and protected him.

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  • The Bill Post Radio Show

    Let me make sure, before all the usual liberal droolers post her about “photoshoppng” Wu behind Bonamici…..this was taken from HER own campaign’s photos when she was running for state senate.  David Wu and Suzanne Bonamici are joined at the hip.  Period.  Vote for her, you vote for him.  Same person, different skin.

    • None


      You are a regular contributor to the same blog as Lyin’ Larry Huss. Does that mean that the two of you are “joined at the hip”?

      Does the fact that Larry’s lies have remained on Oregon Catalyst for a week uncorrected mean that all Oregon Catalyst contributors are liars?

      I’m just trying to follow your line of reasoning here.

      Oh, and while we’re at it, did you ever say that Donald Rumsfeld and Sadaam Hussein were “joined at the hip” because there is a picture of the two of them together?

    • Jeff

      PERKINS COIE “at the hip”.  Are you aware that Obama-Soetoro was subpoenaed  to be in court this am? Folks in Georgia want to “VET” him before placing on their ballot.

  • None

    “Lying website Oregon Catalyst supports Rob Cornilles.”

    Yeah, that has a nice ring to it.

  • JoelinPDX

    This spot is so true but two questions remain:

    1) What took the Cornilles campaign so long to make the charges public? Voters have had their ballots for a week.
    2) Why no mention of the fact that Suzanne Bonermici’s husband was Wu’s personal attorney for years? Bonermici and her husband were pillow talking about Wu for close to a decade, including the rape charges against Wu while he was a student at Stanford University.

  • Granola Girl

    I love the fact that when asked about Wu, by whoever is interviewing her, or Rob debating her, she always has the same canned answer of “we don’t have to talk about him anymore”.  Oh yes, Suzanne we do.  WHAT IS YOUR CONNECTION????

    • Jeff

      PERKINS COIE!!!  Do you know the name Robert (Bob) Breuer?

  • guest

    Michael Moron of the same:  Suzanne Bonamici, partner of Wu’s bong time attorney. 
    C’mon folks, even Cornilles stands above her ho-humbilical accord.

    Really, even if Cornilles bears a couple of warts, don’t you think Bonamici’s ‘shingles’ practically incurable – or, do CD-1 Dems really care?    


  • valley person

    Unfortunately for Cornilles, he couldn’t even beat Wu when he had the chance. Now he has to run against a better candidate, and the best he can do is demand a rematch with Wu.

    His best hope is over confidence by Dem voters and a very low turnout. 

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