Lars Larson: Obama violates religious beliefs

by Lars Larson

Would you rather go to jail or violate your most closely held religious beliefs?

The President of the United States has cooked up quite a mess. His Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sibelius, has ordered that religious-based institutions must provide insurance for their workers;insurance that includes contraceptive care and abortion pills. Now that’s just dead wrong and we all know it.

It’s unconstitutional. In fact, it violates a law passed during the Clinton administration, okayed by Congress, and signed off by President Clinton himself. And yet this President thinks he can do it.

Well a group of religious leaders met with the President last week, and you know what they told him? They would sooner go to jail and violate the President’s new edict than violate their most fervently held religious beliefs.

Good for them, and shame on President Obama for setting up this problem up in the first place just to keep his pro-abortion friends happy.

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