Lars Larson: Obama must decide on Keystone Pipeline

by Lars Larson

The president has been presented with what they call a “Hobson’s choice”; neither one of them good.

The President now has a deal he’s going to have to consider. We broke this story, from a Senate source, who told us they’d agreed to extend the payroll tax cut. They’d agreed to tell the President he has 60 days to approve of the Keystone Pipeline, or not, and extend jobless benefits as well.

It was a deal brokered by Sen. Mitch McConnell, and now that it’s been put together, because Republicans held the line and said we won’t pay for this thing with new taxes, now the President is going to have to make a choice.

He swears he’ll veto anything with that Keystone Pipeline in it. Now I think that’s loony, because the President is turning down 20,000 private sector jobs; paid for with private investment, not borrowed federal stimulus money.

If the President says yes, it’ll show that he’s actually willing to make a deal.

If he says no, it’ll cost him his next term.

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