Lars Larson: Obama learned nothing from credit downgrade

by Lars Larson

President Obama has learned exactly nothing about what happened to America last week.

Last week President Obama’s saw America’s credit rating downgraded, for the first time since 1917. You think he’d learn something from that.

But no; he hasn’t. He came out and made a short statement in which he acknowledged “We already knew this was a problem. We’ve known it since the day I took office.”

Well Mr. President, that’s news to us, because for two and a half years, we haven’t seen you working on that particular problem. We also haven’t seen you working on jobs.

Instead, you’ve been pushing through trillion dollar entitlements like Obamacare. And then the president went on, after admitting that he had already known there was a problem with America’s spending, its debt, its deficit and credit, to turn around and say “No, we’ve actually got good credit.” In fact, he cited his friend Warren Buffett and said “Buffett would have given us AAAA, if there was such a rating.”

Mr. President, you don’t seem to be paying attention, and America is paying the price.