Stand-up Economist delivers GOPers with global warming surprise

Yoram Bauman, Ph.D, better known as the “Standup Economist,” spoke Friday to the Dorchester conference in Seaside before a crowd of 550 people. The biggest surprise in Bauman’s comedy was that he had the crowd roaring in laughter for 20 minutes and then suddenly he announced he was going to stop telling jokes for moment to talk about global warming. It did not go over well in this Republican dominated convention, with some people who got up and respectfully left. Bauman then followed his global warming charts with his solution to create a huge energy tax and use the money to lower income taxes. That continued the patient silence. Bauman then went back into his comedy and the laughter resumed. Another surprise was the fact that Bauman promoted his cartoon book guide to economics and offered all proceeds to go to the Dorchester charity. Nice touch. To get an idea of what Yoram Bauman sounded like, check out the video below.