Stand-up Economist delivers GOPers with global warming surprise

Yoram Bauman, Ph.D, better known as the “Standup Economist,” spoke Friday to the Dorchester conference in Seaside before a crowd of 550 people. The biggest surprise in Bauman’s comedy was that he had the crowd roaring in laughter for 20 minutes and then suddenly he announced he was going to stop telling jokes for moment to talk about global warming. It did not go over well in this Republican dominated convention, with some people who got up and respectfully left. Bauman then followed his global warming charts with his solution to create a huge energy tax and use the money to lower income taxes. That continued the patient silence. Bauman then went back into his comedy and the laughter resumed. Another surprise was the fact that Bauman promoted his cartoon book guide to economics and offered all proceeds to go to the Dorchester charity. Nice touch. To get an idea of what Yoram Bauman sounded like, check out the video below.

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  • Cee cee

    Economists need to be lampooned.
    next up lawyers.

  • Bob Clark

    There’s no need for a CO 2 tax in Oregon.  The no brainer solution, if you must insist there is a problem, is to simply plant more trees, harvest more trees before they go up in the smoke of a fire, and to turn them into lumber after they reach maturity (sequestering the CO 2).  Oregon’s total man made CO 2 output per year is so infinitesmial it is clearly offsetable by simply managing its forests better and preventing forest fires.

    Instead, Kitzhaber and crew want to continue their drive towards bigger, more intrusive government prescription.  When government becomes so big as Kitzhaber harps for, risk of Nazi like solutions become very real.

    • David Appell

      Simple common sense and estimates show this idea fails for many reasons.

      1. You can’t possibly build enough structures. Oregon emits about 50 Mt CO2/yr, and 1 kg of wood sequesters ~ 0.45 kg of carbon. Do the math and you find that every year Oregon would have to build with about 25 billion board-feet of lumber. For every person in Oregon that’s a platform made of lumber measuring about 80 feet high x 80 feet wide by 1 inch thick. Every single year.

      2. All that harvesting of trees and lumbering and transporting and building itself requires energy and so emits carbon dioxide, so you can jack the above numbers up by some factor greater than 1. 

      3. About half the CO2 we emit goes into the oceans before it is sequestered anywhere, so you’re still acidifying the oceans.

      4. Unless the rest of the world also sequesters their carbon, this won’t even make a noticeable dent in the problem.

      Nice try though. Of course, many people have thought of this long ago and run the numbers *before* proposing it, not after. You might read the 10/23/11 article in the Oregonian, “Using Oregon’s forests for bioenergy production has a down side: increased carbon emissions” by Eric Mortenson

  • Very funny guy – had the privilege to interview him –

  • valley person

    “Some people got up and respectfully left.”

    And no doubt drove away in gas guzzlers.

    • The Bill Post Radio Show

       No, I walked back the 2 blocks to my hotel where I turned the heat up to max temp. 
      What a maroon.  The guy really pulled a fast one on Dorchester….next time I’d do a bit more investigating before inviting “comedians”.

      • David Appell

        That’ll show’em! 

        Except Pacific Power is the second-largest utility owner of wind resources in the nation, with more than 1000 MW of wind capability.  

      • Bored

        He didn’t pull a fast one on anyone.  The dim bulbs at Dorchester didn’t take two minutes to do an internet search on him or they would have known exactly what he was about.

  • Anonymous

    Since when is CO2 a pollutant????

    • valley person

       Since scientists figured out that too much of it is changing the earth’s climate and acidifying our oceans.

      • guest

        Varlet Person:  Set down the Gore-Aid and intake Chuck Wiese.

        • David Appell


          • guest

            Turkey-talkin’ Appell’s been pippin the hard cider again.  

    • David Appell

      “The US Clean Air Act defined an air pollutant as “any air pollution agent or combination of such agents, including any physical, chemical, biological, radioactive…substance or matter which is emitted into or otherwise enters the ambient air.” In a 2007 decision on this question, the Supreme Court ruled clearly on the question: “Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and hydrofluorocarbons are without a doubt ‘physical [and] chemical…substance[s] which [are] emitted into…the ambient air.’ …Greenhouse gases fit well within the Clean Air Act’s capacious definition of ‘air pollutant.’””– Yale environmental economist William Nordhaus, NY Review of Books, 3/22/12

  • Not Bart S

    For those who think that the Dorchester Conference didn’t do its homework about the speaker, think again.  Not only did we speak with him and see him perform in person months prior to the conference, but he knew the audience to which he was speaking.  I wasn’t surprised at what he said nor was I surprised at the reaction.  According to the evaluations we received many folks appreciated his viewpoint and while others perhaps didn’t agree with it, they did appreciate being challenged in their thinking.  Those who walked out were a very small minority but unfortunately they were the focus of the MSM.  And any review of the actual issues presented to the attendees will show that those who run the conference try hard to present issues which challenge the ideas of the attendees.  Sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much.  It is still one of the only venues of its kind in the country.

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