Lars Larson: I like the idea of a payroll tax cut

I changed my mind about the payroll tax cut that President Obama included in his deal with the Republicans.

Right after they announced the deal, one of the details was a cut in the payroll tax. That’s the money they take out of our paycheck every single month to pay for Social Security and things like that. It’s called FICA.

I got to thinking about it after talking to a couple of members of congress and I changed my mind. It actually does make sense.

You see, Social Security has been broke for a long time. It’s a complicated Ponzi scheme. In the private sector they’d put the people behind this in jail. Instead we have the Congress and President behind it.

Here’s my idea. Take the money away from it. Cut the payroll taxes. Give that tax money back to the people who earned it. Let this program hit the brick wall a lot sooner, harder and faster than it would otherwise.

Then, we can get about actually fixing the problem once and for all.

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