Lars Larson on the Four Day Work Week

I think Utah is on to something with this four day work week.

The state of Utah has done something I think is darn smart. In these days of expensive gasoline and lowering economy, the state of Utah has decided to go to a four day work week for 17,000 of its state employees, That means they will work a slightly longer day, but they will only work for four days.

Four days at ten hours instead of five days, means 17,000 people every week will only make four trips to work instead of five trips to work. That saves gasoline. It saves money. It means the state can turn off all those computers, all those lights, all that air conditioning or heat in all those state office buildings on Friday.

You might even get better service to the citizens since if they are working ten hour days they can stay open later to let people get to there after work. I think it is a brilliant idea and a lot of other states around America really ought to copy it.
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  • Rupert in Springfield

    Four days a week at ten hours a day? Sounds like the next best thing to having four days a week at eight hours a day.

    Imagine if we could just get that?

    Gee, less time to do things so I guess they would have to prioritize. I can see it now.

    Building permits – You know what, we don’t have enough time to require a permit for penny ante stuff like remodeling your kitchen or building a tool shed. No one has been killed by a Formica counter top recently, and you are way more likely to die from sawing your arm off with the chain saw in the tool shed, than from the shed itself. We just concentrate on new houses, large projects etc.

    Education department – You know what, we really only have time to do basic administrative functions, so that means we aren’t reinventing the wheel anymore. We called back in all those old grannies from the 60’s and asked them how to teach. It was simpler than devising whole new diversity and recycling certificate of initial mastery programs.

    Secretary of State – “Hello? …. Yes, is this Mr. Gore? … Yes, this is Secretary Bradbury’s secretary…….why yes Mr. Gore, the secretaries secretary, very funny, I’ve never heard that one before………Mr. Gore, please calm down…….. I’m calling to tell you that because of our new four day week, the secretary will really have to concentrate on the essentials here and wont have any time to do the Girls Gone Wild Al and Bill Global Warming tour thing you talked about………..Well, I’m very sorry Mr. Gore but the secretary has been muttering all this past week how he needs to really sit down with some maps and figure things out district wise………….Yes, that’s right Mr. Gore, there is a bright side more hotties for you……..And a sunny hasta la vista to you too Mr. Gore.

    • Anonymous



  • eagle eye

    Now if we could only get Lars to stay off the air one day a week and get some decent programming on Friday afternoon!

    • Anonymous

      Don’t you have a choice not to listen? I’m sure NPR has some bland, uninformed report in that time slot, something you’d enjoy I’m sure.

      • Josh Reynolds

        This is why I listen to satelite radio.

      • eagle eye

        It would be nice to have a talk choice other than between public radio and Lars Larson. I’m very experienced in listening to neither.

        • jim karlocik

          You might like 620 AM.

          But be sure to check their facts, they seem to have a lot of problems with downright factual mis-information. Especially on renewable energy and climate.


          • eagle eye

            Thanks for the tip. 620. What kind of programming? Also, I live in Eugene. I wonder if I would be able to pick them up. I’ll give it a try.

          • jim karlocik

            You mght also try KGO in SF for eveining listening 810 AM

            Sat & Sun eve at 10PM are an unusual treat with the talk show being hosted by a genuine scientist. (He’s off this week, though)


          • eagle eye

            Yes, sometimes I pick up KGO Sunday night, coming back from the coast seems to have decent reception, sometimes in the mountains too.

            I will try to remember the scientist at 10:00, that’s a good tip if true, very little of real science on the radio, especially when it comes to public policy issues.

        • Gullyborg

          I usually listen to Hannity.

  • Anonymous

    Ha! most Oregon public employees don’t actually work 4 days a week now!

  • devietro

    Many Law enforcement agencies have been doing 4 day a week schedules for years, it cheaper for HR too. Although in the Utah set up offices are actually closed the 5th day. Another key advantage is you can use more utilities during off peak times when its cheaper.

  • dean

    Lars is becoming a conservationist? Someone pinch me.

    • eagle eye

      Only when it comes to government!

  • Anonymous

    eagle eye,
    If youre’ “very experienced in listening to neither” how are you so certain it isn’t decent programming?

    I wonder, do you find decent programming on KPOJ and Air America?

    • eagle eye

      I’ve lived with both of them on the air for years. I hardly ever tune into LL and more often than not I don’t like the OPB radio broadcasts. They were actually more interesting at one time, they seem to have gone over to more NPR stuff which I get more than enough of on KLCC. Air America is the mirror image of Lars/Glenn Beck as far as I’m concerned, and they went off the air where I live, the spot taken over by an OPB satellite.

      I actually am amused sometimes by Michael Savage, I even think he’s right sometimes, though on the whole I think he’s nuts, clinically nuts, if he’s not just faking it.

      The former Air America turned OPB station, before it was AA, was Laura Ingraham/Michael Medved/Dennis Praeger Ingraham. I thought they were pretty interesting especially the first two. I would listen to them if they were still on the air locally (Eugene).

      What is KPOJ?

    • eagle eye

      I garbled that. I thought Medved/Praeger were interesting. Laura Ingraham was always a little too cutesy and now that she’s become a Fox News host, I can stand only very small doses.

      This rightwing radio stuff was fun and interesting when it was fresh, it’s way stale by now. Even Rush sounds like an old has-been to me. Maybe I’ve changed, not them.

  • Jerry

    What if the state workers worked four days and we paid them for just four days? That would save us 20% in state salaries.

    Now there’s an idea!

    • eagle eye

      By that logic, why not have them work 1 day, or not at all?

      • Jerry

        You are right. That is a much better solution. Would anyone notice??

        • dean

          Jerry…when you dial 911 you might notice. Or after an earthquake. Or during a forest fire. Or perhaps when the sewer lines clog up. Of when they go to the beach and the state parks are closed. Yes…people might notice.

        • eagle eye

          Jerry, I guess you must be right, that’s why you guys are winning so many elections in Oregon.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah well we wouldn’t notice anything if all of our planners were fired.

    And throughout agency after agency there’s countless others who are employed to do what government has no business doing.

    dean’s list of essential services would be far easier to fund without the decades of mission creeped beauracracies to fund.

    • dean

      Anonymous personage…you might notice the absence of planners when your neighbor decided to build over his legal height limit and shaded out your garden or sunroom. You might notice it when the Portland region failed to get any federal transportation funds because we lacked a regional transportation plan (required by law). You might notice when that new shopping center was built and generated 15,000 car trips a day outside your front door. You might notice it when buildings started burning up or falling down due to code violations. Then again….maybe you wouldn’t notice any of this. Others of us would, and would hire the planners back so we had someone to blame for the mess tha was created.

  • Anonymous


    We don’t need hundreds of planners to maintain basic building codes and reasonable zoning.

    You are once AGAIN misrepresenting and misleading people.

    Just as you did during the M49 campaign.
    And when the planners promote the very building over height limit and shading out neighbors with high density towers you call it smart growth. Even when the plans fail miserably. Such as SoWa and the heavily subsidized Cascade Station, meant to be “smart”, that evolved into the very BIG BOX shopping center that generates enormous auto trips and surface parking.
    We’ve noticed the what Portland has been doing with federal transportation funds because the regional transportation plan (required by law) is a bad joke.
    Just as is the SoWa assumptions of 40% transit use.
    Your mischaracterizing of what planners do is pure nonsense. Typical dean.

    And we’re to fear buildings burning up or falling down due to code violations? Planners don’t enforce building codes dean.

    Then again….maybe people like you don’t know what you are talking about. One of the reasons we are seeing the mess created.

    • dean

      OK…define “reasonable zoning” for us. Who determines it to be “reasonable”? And tell me how this zoning is established, by who, and who administers it. For example, is it done as part of a public process? Is it done as part of a “plan”? Is anyone guaranteed an outcome that won’t disapoint them?

      I’m not being facetious. I’m giving you an opportunity to set me straight on what you think is the way land use planning ought to be done.

  • Jerry

    Are they nuts?

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