Lars Larson on the Four Day Work Week

I think Utah is on to something with this four day work week.

The state of Utah has done something I think is darn smart. In these days of expensive gasoline and lowering economy, the state of Utah has decided to go to a four day work week for 17,000 of its state employees, That means they will work a slightly longer day, but they will only work for four days.

Four days at ten hours instead of five days, means 17,000 people every week will only make four trips to work instead of five trips to work. That saves gasoline. It saves money. It means the state can turn off all those computers, all those lights, all that air conditioning or heat in all those state office buildings on Friday.

You might even get better service to the citizens since if they are working ten hour days they can stay open later to let people get to there after work. I think it is a brilliant idea and a lot of other states around America really ought to copy it.
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