Brad Avakian makes a greased faux pas

by NW Spotlight

Brad Avakian made a reference to a song from the John Travolta musical Grease in a recent campaign newsletter. The song Avakian referenced was “Greased Lightning“, and “how much fun those guys had in the auto shop fixing up ‘Greased Lightning’.”

The Avakian newsletter continues “And believe it or not, the work those guys were doing in the auto shop has a lot to do with my job today as Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries.”

The newsletter goes on to talk about vocational education options, but Willamette Week had a different take on how “the work those guys were doing in the auto shop” relates to his job, based on his reference to the song “Greased Lightning”. It doesn’t appear that anyone on the Avakian campaign actually looked at the song’s lyrics before sending out the newsletter…