Oregonian spanks Kate Brown

by NW Spotlight

The Oregonian Editorial Board has run an editorial this evening strongly criticizing Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown for failing to make election dates and other key decisions in an open, timely and fair process. The criticism is related to Kate Brown’s decision to move the date of the election for State Labor Commissioner from May to November.

The Oregonian specifically called out Kate Brown for not even bothering to announce “the startling change”. The Oregonian goes on to ask “Is this any way to run an election for a key statewide position?”

Kate Brown finally issued a statement this afternoon, defending herself and claiming that the law “clearly states” the election is to be moved to November. It does not, and as the Oregonian points out “Moreover, if all this is so ‘clear,’ why were both campaigns and everyone in Oregon laboring under the illusion that Starr and Avakian would face off in May?”, and “In fact, the secretary of state’s own website on Tuesday still listed both Avakian and Starr as candidates in the May primary.”