Knute Buehler to Kate Brown: reverse your decision

Dr. Knute Buehler – candidate for Secretary of State

In response to Secretary of State Kate Brown’s statement about her decision to break with long-standing precedent and cancel the May Primary for Labor Commissioner, Dr. Knute Buehler issued the following statement:

“This is either partisan manipulation of our elections, incompetence, or both. Open and fair elections are at the core of democracy, but the decision by the Secretary of State puts the confidence in our system at great risk. There is no directive in the law she cites requiring the cancellation of the primary election in the race for Labor Commissioner. By breaking with established ground rules for elections and failing to notify candidates of her decision, Brown has failed at the most fundamental task of her office. And, the fact that her decision gives a significant advantage to her own party’s candidate makes this decision even worse.  In the interest of fair and open elections, I urge her to reverse her decision.”