Secretary of State Kate Brown’s woes continue

by NW Spotlight

Secretary of State Kate Brown is continuing to face heavy criticism in the media for botching the election for State Labor Commissioner – including the latest criticism today from Nigel Jaquiss at Willamette Week.

Nigel Jaquiss at Willamette Week: Brown’s Labored Credibility

“Brown’s insistence that she wasn’t playing politics suggests an alternative explanation: Her Elections Division is inept.”

Here are some other recent criticisms in the media of Kate Brown’s mishandling of the State Labor Commissioner election:

Jeff Mapes at the Oregonian: Kate Brown caught off guard by fuss over election date; will it affect her re-election race?

Former Labor Commissioner Jack Roberts’ guest column in the Oregonian and in Oregon Catalyst: Kate Brown found a way to call her own competence into question

Story on Kate Brown’s history with Sen. Bruce Starr when she held up Jessica’s Law, in Oregon Catalyst: Kate Brown gets her revenge

Dr. Knute Buehler, candidate for Secretary of State, admonishment to Kate Brown in Oregon Catalyst: Knute Buehler to Kate Brown: reverse your decision

“This is either partisan manipulation of our elections, incompetence, or both.”

The Oregon Legislative Counsel siding with Bruce Starr as reported in Oregon Catalyst: Legislative Counsel sides with Bruce Starr

The Oregonian Editorial Board’s editorial strongly criticizing Kate Brown: See you in November?

The Oregonian specifically called out Kate Brown for not even bothering to announce “the startling change”. The Oregonian goes on to ask “Is this any way to run an election for a key statewide position?”

UPDATE: An editorial in the Eugene Register-Guard points out the inconsistencies in Kate Brown’s position, notes that the legislative counsel sided with Bruce Starr, and highlights how moving the labor commissioner election from May to November could hurt Kate Brown: Brown’s boomerang – Moving the labor commissioner vote could hurt her