Speaking out on immigration rally

Across the nation the rallies broke protest records. The Oregonian Editorial Board commented about feeling the “seismic shifts” and editorialized on how “Marchers showed muscle before lifting a foot”. The Statesman Journal reported signs saying “The Pilgrims Didn’t Have Papers,” “We Are Workers, Not Criminals,” “Legalize, Not Criminalize,” and “We March, We vote”.

Popular radio host and immigration reform activist Victoria Taft summed it up this way:
“I liken what’s happened on the streets of Oregon and throughout the country as being tantamount to the acts of petulant children who stole something from the store and then demanded they be given the item AND an apology from the store owner. This rampant sense of entitlement won’t play with people have worked hard, played by the rules, and who think we should have a higher regard for our nation’s security and sovereignty than we’ve shown before. We have brave men and women fighting in Iraq for our security. We should do no less than demand secure borders, if nothing else than to honor them. “

Oregonian and legal immigrant Leah Silaev said this to KATUI am so angry to see these people say it’s because of us that this country is moving, You know what? You didn’t build this country and it isn’t going to fall apart when you walk out of your job.”

What are your thoughts at this historic political juncture?

  • The protests yesterday were nothing more than good comedic fodder for the late night shows. I was glad to see that the protestors were able to reuse their signs from previous protests such as the marijuana themed “Legalize, Not Criminalize”.

  • I wonder how many of those people realize they are being manipulated?

    And how many of them would care?

  • Brass Villanuevie

    I liked the illegals staying home from work. My commute to and from work went much faster. Maybe they should boycott the emergency rooms too!

  • Max

    Hmm. It was played up as “A Day Without Immigrants”. Oddly, I work with several immigrants who became US citizens, and they all showed up for work.

    Moreover, they were pretty ticked off about the portrayal in the media, and the attitude of the illegals.

    Of course, you don’t see the media interviewing folks like these, who went through all the hoops.

  • Bob

    Talk about hoops. We’ve just applied for visas for my in-laws, and it’s the DHS won’t even look at the paperwork for four years!

  • Mike in PDX


    Mike xxxxxxxxxx
    xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxx
    Portland, Oregon 97218

    Senator Gordon Smith
    404 Russell Building
    Washington, DC 20510

    21 April, 2006

    Dear Senator Smith;

    The block of styrofoam accompanying this letter is to symbolize a brick that can be used in the construction of a wall, or implementation of other MEANINGFUL ways to secure our borders with Mexico and Canada. I have taken the time to label each side of this brick to assist you in its proper placement. I make no apologies if this symbol seems a bit flippant, because I am quite disturbed with your lack of enthusiasm to enforce the immigration laws that are currently on our books. I am a hard working natural born citizen of this country who always pays his taxes on time. I can hardly be considered an activist. In fact, this is the first time that I have written your office or a US Senator for that matter. I can’t be considered a racist, because most of my household holds a minority status. I can’t be considered anti-immigration, because I have a family member who is a LEGAL resident-alien, and very good friends who are naturalized citizens.

    As a U.S. Senator, you took an oath to uphold the Constitution and Laws of this country. By allowing the estimated 10-15 million ILLEGAL immigrants to stay in this country, you’re sending a very loud and clear message that YOU, and this country no longer respect rule by law. In fact, the message has already been sent. US Border Patrol have told Oregon State representative Jeff Kropf, who is spending time on the US-Mexico border assisting the Minuteman Project, that the word is out in the Latin American countries of the likely upcoming amnesty. Correspondingly, the number of illegal crossings is significantly up from this time last year.

    I am very disturbed about you, and your colleague’s continued disregard for the principle of ‘rule by law’. Let’s be honest. This is about votes just as much as jobs (maybe more). An untapped voter base that you (the Republican Party) ‘PERCEIVE’ you can win over to your side. That is why you (Gordon Smith and the Republican Party) have no interest in addressing the motor-voter registration of illegal aliens here in the State of Oregon. That is why you (Gordon Smith and the Republican Party) have no interest in addressing the State of Oregon and their monthly carousels targeting illegal immigrants to sign up for state social services. Social services (e.g., The Oregon Health Care Plan) that I pay for that my family is not entitled to because of our income, but to people that have NO LEGAL STATUS in our country or our state.

    A milestone of American history has just been made in the past few weeks. Now…for the first time in this country’s history, illegal Latino immigrants have more power, than natural born and naturalized (LEGAL) citizens of the United States. The evidence is in your reluctance to secure our borders, your reluctance to enforce our immigration laws, by allowing these illegal aliens to vote in our elections, and allowing them access to the social services that legal citizens of this country pay for, but in most cases are not entitled to.

    This is why your perception of winning elections with the help of the Latino vote is wrong. I am a conservative, and usually vote Republican. A few other conservative friends and associates of mine have expressed that they are going to vote Democrat. Any vote you make for amnesty, citizenship, etc., for these illegal aliens will force me to vote for your Democratic challenger as well. I am tired of the Republican attitude: “Who else are you going to vote for?” The difference between you two parties is like the difference between Diet Coke, and Diet Pepsi. At least with the Democrat party, I will get the truth. When I vote Republican (especially in Oregon), I get Democrat. So, for every illegal Latino vote you may get, you’re going to loose 2 to 3 legal Republican votes.

    All that I ask is that you enforce our laws. No amnesty, no citizenship, and no legal status (e.g., no eligibility for voting, social services, etc.) for the 10-15 estimated ILLEGAL immigrants. I am not anti-immigration. I am from a family of immigrants. However, my relatives came here LEGALLY! Giving amnesty to the estimated 10-15 million illegal aliens already here sends the message that our laws have no meaning and will not be enforced. In reality, that message has already been sent. I also ask that you DO NOT send me one of your form letters telling me that this is a very complicated issue with a wide diversity of views. You not responding to this letter will: 1) tell me you actually read it, and 2) save some of our tax payer money in sending a worthless form letter.


    Mike xxxxxxxxxx