Attorney General John Kroger stepping down

by NW Spotlight

Reed College has announced that it has selected Oregon Attorney General John Kroger as their new president. The Oregonian is reporting that Kroger will likely step down before his term ends in January – he will start at Reed in July – and noted that Kroger had announced last October that he wouldn’t be seeking re-election due to health concerns.

Two Democratic candidates are currently running for Attorney General: Ellen Rosenblum and Dwight Holton. The winner will be determined in the May 15th Primary. There are no Republican candidates for Attorney General.

h/t Bill Post

  • Ramalama

    This is disturbing. He should serve out his term before taking a different position.

    The difference between this and what Sarah Palin did in quitting her office early is only a matter of degree. Kroger had an obligation to serve four years, and he failed to live up to that obligation.

  • The Bill Post Radio Show

    Allegedly he was too ill to run for re-election.  Amazing what a difference a little salary boost can do for one’s health.  He goes from approximately $77,000 to over $400,000.  I guess he’s not too ill to be president of a college?  Funny that.

    • Bob Clark

      Yeah but leaving him in the AG position probably costs more in corruption and government shakedowns of businesses by large margin than his actual government AG salary.  Of course, his replacement looks like more of the same yuck.

      Reed college is a lost cause anyways, and maybe its good they waste their money on such useless leadership.

  • guest

    “Mad” about the Alfred E. Neuman lookalike ‘toking’ leadership at Reefer College?  Lo, it’s a Classical Gas!

  • valley person

    A lot of bitterness expressed on this site.  Its not uncommon for an elected official to line up a job before the end of a term. Chill out.

  • Oregonborn

    Do not worry he will get paid for the last months that he will not serve the people of Oregon and get full benefit of the PERS established by our state courts.
    Maybe his illness will go away because he is away from the corruptness of our state goverment. His energy will come back.

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