Lars Larson: Attorney General Eric Holder needs to resign

by Lars Larson

Attorney General should resign over his involvement in the “Operation Fast and Furious” gun running program

It’s about time that America’s Attorney General apologize for the gun running to Mexico, but he needs to do more than that. He needs to resign.

Eric Holder has now finally apologized to the parents and the family of the border agent who was murdered with a gun that was sold by the United States Government, into the violent world of Mexican drug wars.

The fact is, the Attorney General claims he didn’t know anything about it, even though there are emails that were sent to him that detailed the entire operation.  And when he was called before Congress last week, he was asked “Did you ever apologize to the family of the man murdered with that gun.” There were 1,700 guns sent to Mexico, to a foreign country that was in the middle of a drug war. He answered back that he had not apologized – did he need to apologize? Well at that point, he didn’t seem to think he did, but since then he has sent a letter to the family.

He should do more than that though. Attorney General Eric Holder should resign for his involvement in this gun running to a foreign country.

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