Obama: the Narcissist in Chief

by NW Spotlight

The NY Times is reporting this week that President Obama is facing criticism for shameless self promotion using the official White House biography web pages of every president since Calving Coolidge, except Gerald R. Ford.

The self promotion of Obama and his policies runs from the mundane — a footnote likening Coolidge’s first public radio address to President Obama’s use of technology in social media to engage the public [Because what relevance does anyone in history have if we don’t know how they are like Obama?] – to the controversial – a “Did you know?” note at the end of President Reagan’s biography now compares President Obama’s push for the Buffett Rule to a 1985 speech that President Reagan gave calling for a fairer tax code:

“In a June 28, 1985 speech Reagan called for a fairer tax code, one where a multi-millionaire did not have a lower tax rate than his secretary. Today, President Obama is calling for the same with the Buffett Rule.”

  • Rupert in Springfield

    This bio story is a few days old but it is surprising how many are making fun of the idiotic self absorption of Obama this time. Let’s face it, when you write your autobiography in your 40’s everyone is going to think that to some extent you are kind of full of yourself.

    The Reagan quote dopiness I think germinated in the Facebook page “Being Liberal”, at least that’s the first place I saw it really gone on about.

    It’s hilarious, because you can tell those using the quote have no idea the context in which Reagan made his statement. They have no comprehension of what a tax shelter is, or why they were so crucial in those times. Believe me, I have asked a few “do you think by that statement Reagan was talking about raising taxes on “the rich””. To a one they seem to believe this. Obama seems to as well, but he has no excuse. He was around and hopefully at least a little politically aware. Then again, considering his mistyake here, maybe it was a heavy cocaine day.

  • valley person

    Why is this considered to be narcissism? Pointing out that Reagan called for the same thing as Buffet supports a serious policy proposal. Its not presented as an ego boost. 

    You guys sure work hard to come up with bupkes.

    • LookingGlass

      Gee, I guess it’s not then. All presidents have done this in the past. They who make fun are simply jealous of his greatness – a greatness that you seem to appreciate.

  • Bob Clark

    I thought Czars were mostly a Soviet Union style term, but Obama brought the overbearing term into his administration.

  • Bob Clark

    Hey is there someway we can photo shop Obama into a Jimmy Carter sweater and him saying, “there’s nothing I can do about the price of gasoline?”

    • 3H

      And just what can Obama do about the price of gasoline?

    • Rupert in Springfield

      Good one! The gas thing is one issue where just about everyone can admit Obama would be getting raked over the coals if he were a Republican.

      • valley person

        The price of gas is now dropping. Should Obama get credit for this?

        • Rupert in Springfield

           Sure! Go ahead and tell us all what steps he took to lower gas prices would you? Thanks

          • valley person

             Zero. Just like he did zero to raise prices in the first place. But over the longer term, if we implement his energy policies already in place, the price of gas will mean much less to us than it does today.

          • Rupert in Springfield

             Ok – So he did nothing to lower prices so he deserves zero credit.

            congratulations – you have answered your own question.

            Let’s be real though, the guy did plenty to raise prices. Fed policy and essentially banning any new drilling.

            Hey, what a coincidence, when Bush 2 just talked about new drilling the last time around, prices fell. When Obama bans new drilling and plays fast and lose with the spending, the price goes up.

            Surprise surprise.

            Dean – You don’t have to defend Obama at every turn. I mean its ridiculous. Your Obama is always right policy is a little absurd.

          • 3H

            congratulations – you have answered your own question.”

            Except, he was asking you, not himself.  You sure do say some very strange things. 

            “Hey, what a coincidence, when Bush 2 just talked about new drilling the last time around, prices fell.”

            So, the price of gas is established by talking?  Who knew?  (Don’t you think that’s kind of a ridiculous statement to make?)  

            “When Obama bans new drilling and plays fast and lose with the spending, the price goes up.


            You’ll notice the price plummeted in mid to late 2008.  I suspect that had more to do with the economy than any proclamations by Bush… ’cause if you look at gas prices during his administration, they’re not that out of line with today.   

            Did the price of gas go down in February 2012 because Obama temporarily changed his mind about drilling?

            I also don’t see any possible correlation between spending and gas prices.  Do you have different information to share?


          • David Appell

            Strong demand from China probably has more to do with rising prices than anything else. 

            “The annual growth rate of China’s oil consumption is 2.75% during 1980-1990,which rose to 6.93% during 1990-2000, and then reached 7.04% during 2000-2008.”

            “High Gas Prices Are Driven By Demand From China,” Patrick Dehaan, US News 2/9/12The stark truth is that the world economy is being increasingly driven by China, and what the US does now and in the future will matter little for gas prices, unless it were to nationalize its oil and require it be kept for its domestic market. Which won’t happen because oil companies are making too much money to ever allow that to happen. Gas won’t — and can’t — get any cheaper, because oil supplies are only being kept up by technology that is only profitable if prices are high. If we were smart we would start seriously planning for constant or declining oil supplies, but we aren’t smart and think we can increase drilling enough to make a difference. We can’t. 

          • valley person

             Obama didn’t do anything that raised prices either. Oil production in the US has gone up since he was elected. But it is a world price, not a US price, so unless we produce as much as Saudi Arabia, which we don’t, and unless our production cost is as cheap as in Saudi Arabia, which it isn’t, we can’t affect the price of oil at all by drilling for more or less of it.

            If you knew anything at all about economics and oil markets you would not make such ridiculous assertions.

        • Not in my area – it rose to 4.19/gal this past week.

        • Dean Apostal is a DB

          “The price of gas is now dropping.”  Your capacity for bald-faced, outright lies is astounding.

          • David Appell

            In fact, according to the EIA’s “This Week in Petroleum,” the nationwide average price of gasoline has dropped $0.23/gal since 4/2/12. 

            In current dollars, gasoline is 13% below its all-time peak of $4.31 on 7/17/08.

          • David Appell

            Not only has the price dropped in recent weeks, but in nominal terms it’s 4% below what it was a year ago. (And oil is 8% lower — thanks to Obama, obviously, right?)

      • David Appell

        In real terms the national average price of gas is now 12% below its all-time peak ($4.31 in current dollars, on 7/17/2008). 

        • Rupert in Springfield

          And in real terms if Obama was a Republican you wouldn’t be defending him.

          • David Appell

            I didn’t defend anyone — I merely stated a fact about the price of a commodity.

            I don’t think Presidents have much short-term influence on the price of gasoline. 

            But I do find it a little suspicious that the price of a barrel of oil varied little throughout the ’80s and ’90s, then rose from about $25/b to $150/b when two oilmen were in the White House, before they crashed the economy. 

          • Rupert in Springfield

            And yet you don’t find it suspicious that the price of gas has about doubled after 3 years of Obama.

            Why? Because Obama is a Democrat. So, you look at the party, see Democrat now, and excuse it. You see Republican then and cast blame.

            Pretty simple math really. You comment does show what I was talking about.

          • 3H

            And of course, your analysis is crystal clear.  I mean, penetrating insight like, ”
            Hey, what a coincidence, when Bush 2 just talked about new drilling the last time around, prices fell.”

            LOL.  You’re just too funny.

            What do you think your comment says about you?  C’mon, take a guess.  

          • David Appell

            The change is far smaller in real terms. 

            In current prices, the average price of a gallon of gas during Bush’s administration was $2.49/gal.

            Under Obama so far it’s $3.10/gal, only 25% higher, and an average of 7.4 percentage points per year. 

            Under Clinton it was $1.69/gal, so the increase under Bush was 47%, an average increase of 5.9 percentage points per year.

            So prices under Obama have, so far, increased at a rate just a little more than they did under Bush.

            I don’t think Obama has done much to influence the price of gasoline. But I do think Bush did a lot to influence the price of oil, like his wars. The volatility of the price of gas increased sharply during Bush’s terms, in part because of the uncertainty he introduced into the world market. 

            I think gasoline is too cheap anyway — it has large negative externalities, so the less we use of it the better. And we are: per-capita gas use is down 14% from its peak in August 2003 (of 9.8 gallons/person/week). 

            Personally I used 2.4 gallons/week in the last year.

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