Senate President, Peter Courtney, on Oregon Economic outlook

[Senate President Press Release]
Statement by Senate President Peter Courtney

“When Oregon’s unemployment rate increased to 6 percent in July, I expressed concerns that it could go higher. Today’s announcement that the rate has jumped to 6.5 percent in August is another indication that the national economy continues to pull Oregon down. We still don’t know whether we’ve seen the worst of this economic storm and the news from Wall Street today isn’t encouraging.

“Losing jobs is like taking on water for the ship of state government. More Oregonians are going to need a lifeline at a time when the state’s ability to provide crucial safety net services will be challenged by falling revenue.

“We have to approach the coming months by carefully setting our priorities and taking care not to create expectations for the 2009 session that we won’t be able to meet.

“Ultimately, the best way to navigate through the storm is by putting Oregonians back to work.”

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  • Jerry

    And how are you liberal, tax-raising politicians going to do that???

    I am standing by for your brave, bold action plan.

  • Crawdude

    Round up all the illegals in this state and send them home, massively fine anyone who employs an illegal and sift the financial aid rolls to remove them. Big savings are just sitting there to be had!

  • sybella

    The responsibility of our government is not to save the planet at the expense of the people living here.

    As an employer if the powers that be didn’t make it so rough on business, we would hire more. I could use at least four more people in our small business, but cannot afford to hire them. That is the first reason, the second being there are not people to hire, even at minimum wage that WILL do the job. _.

    It’s past time that personal responsibility be taught in our schools, our families and yes even the politicians should learn the meaning of personal responsibility instead of always trying to make some body else responsible.

  • Bob Clark

    One of my proposals is for the state to stop with the energy tax credits and shift lottery dollars away from things like Portland’s new eastside streetcar, and redirect such spending cuts to funding healthcare for those trully below the federally recognized poverty line. I favor such cutbacks over new taxes to enlarge the Oregon Health Plan well beyond its current size. Healthcare for the truly needy seems a higher priority than building new botique-like streetcars or buying prohibitively expensive solar power panels with energy costs 5 to 10 times more expensive than wind, natural gas or nuclear power. Ethanol credits should also be cut seeing how there is only a modest gain in net fuel suppies from importing corn from the U.S midwest and turning it into rocket fuel for low performance cars.

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