Obama website pleads to skip friend’s wedding, birthday gifts — Help campaign instead

Obama campaign is being criticized for creating a gift registration where they are asking people to skip giving a wedding gift in order to make a more “meaningful” gift to his political campaign. This also applies to birthdays and graduations. Check out the Obama website appeal to to thwart giving to your friend’s wedding.  


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  • Ballistic45

    Anyone who uses Gift funds to support Obama is no friend of the American Citizen.. They will be supporting more TAX and SPEND without limit with NO BUDGET, Growing Government and Government Jobs over private sector Jobs that actually produce Products, Goods, and Services that can be marketed world wide… The ONLY purpose of growing government is CONTROL… So remember, if your buddy gives Obama a gift instead of you… They are paying to Raise your Taxes, Cost you more Freedoms, take away more choices and tie you more firmly under government control… Who needs buddies like that?

  • tome

    Used to be a Dumb o crat! Can’t believe anyone in their right mind would donate to him let alone vote for him. But there are a country of IDIOTS!

    • lulzpdx

      But there are a country of IDIOTS!

      That is just too perfect.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    It probably didn’t even occur administration officials how utterly classless this suggestion is.

    Then again I’m not sure that with the overt cronyism, and an attorney general like Eric “Body Count” Holder it would be silly to think this crowd has any sense of standards whatsoever, cultural or otherwise.

    Shouldn’t expect much from a boob who bows in situations where, even if it did befit his office, its totally culturally inappropriate. Yet he hasn’t a clue.

  • guest

    Donation, shmooz-nation!
    How ’bout donating a Kenyan shilling and hearing in return a sound byte of Mam’selle Michelle breathlessly singing “Happy Smurfday” to the Royal Blue Boy receiving a Hawaiian lei in the Oracle Office?

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