Oregon firework ban to save birds makes international headlines

In the past few hours the Oregon small town ban on fireworks displays made the front page of Drugde Report, Fox News and now overseas at the Daily Mail Telegraph in London.

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  • tome

    I was in charge of shooting off the Fire Works at Pacific City for quite a few years. We shot them off Cape Kiwanda. It was a Sand Cape that was not a fire danger. It shot them over the ocean which was not a fire danger. It was no danger to the people because it was not near anyone but my crew.
    All of a sudden the environmentlist was claiming we was killing the birds on Haystack Rock. They were falling out of their nests and into the ocean. Haystack rock was almost a mile from us. There were no birds washing up on the beach. There were no birds floating around the rock the next day. There were never any proof that this ever happened. The first year after we shot them off the Airport. There was no good place to watch. We had several fires in the grass. The next year we shot them off the beach out over the ocean. There were a couple fires started from the sparks. There we had a bad crowd control problem because every one tried to crowd close to where we were shooting them. I shot them for several m,ore years before I quit.They still shoot them off the beach. It is still about the same distance from Haystack Rock. There are still no birds floating in the ocean. There are still no birds washing up on the beach! There are no idiots bitching anymore!

  • Ballistic45

    America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within. – Joseph Stalin

    The ban on small town Americas Celebration of the 4th of July is a undermining of Our Patriotism.. How many other attacks going on in America by the left against Morality the Christian faith and other attacks on Patriotism have you seen or heard about… Liberals are following Stalin’s Plan for a reason…..

  • Toney Miserable Miles

    July 4 evening and into the AM, Portland sounded like a Syrian response to whomever/whatever doesn’t agree with their sway.

    From crows and sparrows, starlings and finches, robins and woodpeckers, even Muscovy ducks and Canada geese along with rats and fleas unable to find sanctuary within Randy’s loos nor Sam’s Sam’s britches, all unmercifully rousted about with unabated bombastic kakaboomz!

    So what’s with the Depot Bay debacle? Little, save for some shriek birds with their ranties in a bunch an’ making much a poo, where, it all depends.

  • DavidAppell

    “Independence Day without fireworks is a reprieve for vets,”
    Darryl Swan, Spotlight News 6/26/12

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