Gallegos backers go sleazy early in HD#30 race

by NW Spotlight

A little over a week ago, on July 21st, Joe Gallegos won the Democratic nominating convention for state House District 30 – replacing Adriana Canas, who dropped out of the race after Willamette Week reported that she had filed for bankruptcy in 2004 and again this year.

The Democratic blog BlueOregon reported that “According to the press release from Future PAC, Gallegos has already put together his campaign team and is ready to mount an aggressive challenge to Lindsay.”

Aggressive challenge.

On Monday of this week, July 30, Rep. Shawn Lindsay (R-Hillsboro) posted on Facebook “Just met with my opponent. He was nice to accept my invitation to meet. Now that we know each other personally, we can focus on real issues. We need more of this.” Classy move by Rep. Lindsay.

Two days later, the evening of August 1, some HD#30 voters got a taste of the “aggressive challenge” being mounted on behalf of Gallegos. Apparently they’re afraid Gallegos can’t win by focusing on the real issues, and so they’re already resorting to a “push poll” – a widely discredited and sleazy political tactic with personal attacks poorly disguised as “questions.”

Nice. Go sleazy early.