Memorial Day Thoughts

I went to the cemetery this weekend and put a flag next to my grandpa’s grave who served in WWII. I encourage everyone to do the same. After all our veterans deserve it, the local cemeteries provide free flags, and everyone has the day off. It couldn’t be easier. As I left the gravesite I was hit with the impression that how we honor the dead says something about how we honor each other.

Below is the best Memorial Day tribute — as featured on Lars Larson’s NW Report:

This memorial day think about what one billion free people represent. One billion people between 1945 and 2006, roughly one billion people around this planet owe their freedom to the United States of America. For all the liberal nonsense that you hear on a daily basis, from people who say that America is trying to act like an imperial country, actually we go to other parts of the world and free people and we leave them to govern themselves. Consider from 1945 to 1950, in Japan a 128 million people got their freedom because of the United States, 75 million in the Phillippines and 540,000 in Micronesia. The list goes on and it adds up to a nearly billion people freed over the last 60 years. That is quite an accomplishment and it is not imperialism.