Government waste ‘pork watch’ at State Fair today

Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation

Petunia’s on Patrol at the Oregon State Fair!
Looking for tips on government waste from fairgoers

SALEM-Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation’s Executive Director and former State Representative Jeff Kropf announced Petunia the Pork Detective’s first ever appearance at the Oregon State Fair, where she is on patrol, looking for more government waste.

“We decided there was no better place for Petunia to be on Labor Day weekend to meet people who might know of pork barrel spending” said Kropf.  “A great many government workers attend the state fair and no doubt some have suggestions on where Petunia can look for wasteful spending”.

Petunia is staged at the Pink gate on the east side of the fairgrounds and has a new feature, ‘the pork barrel’ where fairgoers can leave tips on government waste and spending abuse for her to review.

After the success of Petunia’s first Porker Award television ad and YouTube video (seen @ on the Oregon Health Authority’s wasteful ‘Shadow Flicker’ study, she has been traveling all over Oregon. She has been from Milton Freewater, Hermiston to Sutherlin and several points in between appearing at rallies, fairs, city council and county commission meetings. At every stop, citizens have been making suggestions on where to look for government waste and how to make government more efficient.

Kropf added: “After Petunia’s summer and fall tour around Oregon she’ll compile all of the tips and suggestions on ending government spending abuse and present them to the state legislature in January with the hope they will take action to spend taxpayers money more effectively”.

Petunia will be appearing soon at several events in Central and Southern Oregon in September and is available for further events this fall.

Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation is a non profit, tax deductible educational foundation dedicated to educating citizens about how government spends their tax dollars and offering common sense ideas for improved government efficiency.

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  • Dear Jeff; Come on……good idea, but here is how I look at this….if the state is intent on saving money(and lifes) then they would NOT PLACE PEOPLE WHO ARE “CRIMINALLY INSANE” in Oregon neighborhoods saying its a savings. Old issue Jeff….but these people don’t care about us….BTW..were you not in the SALEM BUNCH for a long time.?
    We have a bunch of nuts already near schools… these Nuts,from the state mental hospital are…..their the mayors/reps. council types…etc etc…PORTLAND ”EUGENE….ASHLAND…a few others are politically insane. AMMO….more of it….bottled water….IT MAYBE A ROUGH FALL.

  • conservatively speaking

    Rendering lard laden silk PERS still suckling sugar saturated COLA needs to happen now, not later. Also, firing incompetent knuckle draggers, e.g., occupiers Oregon’s Department of Revenue couldn’t occur too soon, either!

  • Jeff Kropf

    Great suggestions all. Dept of Revenue needs an overhaul and the criminally insane shouldnt be in our neighborhoods no matter the cost.

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