Lars Larson on StandUp Girl

How about helping out a young lady who is facing one of the toughest decisions of her life?

I got a chance to get involved with an organization that is just absolutely stand up. It’s called “”. It’s an unusual name but it is for a very common problem. A young woman or an adult woman who is facing a choice, a choice about being pregnant unexpectedly and deciding what to do about it. does something fantastic. It involves young ladies who are now adult women who have had that kind of challenge in the past in their lives. They have figured out how to deal with it and they want to help out other girls dealing with it. The right way.

Not necessarily seeking abortion but instead finding the right solution to that unexpected pregnancy. In the case of other young ladies, figuring out how to avoid that altogether and save themselves for marriage.

I think it’s a great and worthy goal and I think it is a fantastic organization. Check them out on the web”¦””. I’m glad to have been of assistance to them.

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