Walker WINS!

by NW Spotlight

NBC and Fox News have called the Wisconsin recall election for Republican Governor Scott Walker. With 31% of the votes in, Walker was leading 59% to 41% over Democrat Tom Barrett.

UPDATE: Wisconsin vote tallies (with 99%-100% of precincts reporting)

Governor: Scott Walker (R) 53%, Tom Barrett (D) 46%

Lt. Governor: Rebecca Kleefisch (R) 53%, Mahlon Mitchell (D) 47%

State Senate Dist#13: Scott Fitzgerald (R) 58%, Lori Compas (D) 41%

State Senate Dist#21: John Lehman (D) 51%, Van Wanggaard (R) 49%  [too close or Lehman win?]

State Senate Dist#23: Terry Moulton (R) 57%, Kristen Dexter (D) 43%

State Senate Dist#29: Jerry Petrowski (R) 61%, Donna Seidel (D) 39%

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  • Bob Clark

    Yea, baby!  Bring it to Oregon. Lets dumb Kitzhaber for somebody like Matt Wand in 2014.

      Dr. same-o-same-o Kitzhaber, central planner un-extraordinaire, is the same old drag; just more reshuffling the decks of the titanic, that is the Oregon economy.  By comparison, Matt Wand has tried to clear away the central planners of Metro.  Matt’s economic rationalization will clear away decades of Metro agency government like deadwood.

    • David from Mill City


      As long as the Republicans and Big Business wanting a free
      ride obstruct any efforts towards a strong economic recovery the National
      Economy will not improve.  Without increased
      National Markets for Oregon Products there is little that can be done on state
      level to improve things but there are a lot of things that can make it worse.
      Destroying local government and our educational system, lowering safety and environmental
      standards, changing our state wide land-use laws and lowering taxes head the
      list of destructive things.

  • David from Mill City


    It appears that Out of State Money and lies prevailed.
    Things are not looking good for the continued existence of democracy in
    America. And if November goes the same way, then it is hello Depression.

    • Rupert in Springfield

      Not sure how you get to Depression by Walker prevailing. He turned a debt into a surplus and lowered Wii unemployment to below the national average. How is that Depression?

      • David from Mill City


        I was referring to the possibility of a Republican Victory
        in November and the accompanying Major Economic Depression to follow.

        As to Walker, he created the budget deficit in the first
        place by giving a large tax cut.

        • Rupert in Springfield

           Well, who knows how the economy will go that far out. It wouldn’t be hard to improve on BO’s record though.

          Let’s face it, we can probably both agree that BO’s record of spending trillions only to result in increased unemployment isn’t exactly a tough record to improve upon.

          • David from Mill City


            Based on the Ryan Budget which has Romney’s full endorsement,
            we are headed for a Major Worldwide Depression. The Ryan budget with its imposition
            of unnecessary austerity measures and no economic stimulus is going to put us
            on the same track as Europe is currently on, increased unemployment, declining
            GDP growth (possibly negative) and further reduction of government revenues.

            Our current Economic problem is a lack of consumer demand
            not an increasing deficit.  You do not
            correct it by taking actions that reduce consumer demand, which only makes it

          • Oregon Engineer

            You need to pull you head out of the keyensian world where everything is roses when the gov spends us into oblivion.  Ryan’s budget was anything but austerity.   It still spent a trillion plus more than income.  Just slightly below what the spender in chief wanted.

  • Unionthug

    I believe this election was stolen by out of state money and out of state influence.

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