Tribute to Taxpayer hero Don McIntire. He passed away this week.

Taxpayer hero and pioneer for lower taxes and limited government has passed away from a heart attack.

Because McInitre was touched so many lives and he was involved in so many causes.

“Don McIntire is a hero to every Oregonian. As the father of Ballot measure five and a tireless advocate for free markets and limited government. People who live in Oregon may not even know that he saved them billions of dollars, collectively, over the decades. He gave generously of his time and effort and his personal funds to gather signatures, write ballot measures, and fight the fights that too few are willing to even enter these days. Don was a hunter, and a lover of wine, and a great friend and I will miss him sorely.” – Lars Larson

“Don McIntire was the co-founder of Taxpayer Association Oregon. One of the most common phone calls we received over 12 years was from senior citizens saying ‘If it wasn’t for Don McIntire I wouldn’t be able to live in my home today’ in their heartfelt gratitude for Measure 5 property tax limitation. Those calls continued even decades since the measure passed. That to me says it best. He fought government corruption,“
– Jason Williams, Taxpayer Association of Oregon

“He was bigger than life. What he did politically he did it for the right reasons.”
Gregg Clapper

“What people need to know about McInitre is that he gave most of his life as a volunteer to dozens of ballot measures, candidates, rallies, articles and door walking. He wasn’t paid, he did it for taxpayers. He would travel four hours across Oregon just to attend a 20 minute meeting to share about an important ballot measure.”
Craig Flynn

“Don McIntire was a giant in Oregon’s limited government movement. He gave tirelessly of himself for literally decades to reign in the government he thought was too large and too intrusive. I had the honor of working with him on a number of campaigns, including the one he became famous for, Measure 5 in 1990. That property tax limitation saved Oregon property owners over five billion dollars in its first ten years alone. Every Oregonian who wants to keep government in check owes Don McIntire a huge debt of gratitude.”
Steve Buckstein
Senior Policy Analyst and founder
Cascade Policy Institute