Statewide voter registration improves for Republicans

by Dan Lucas

Republicans have made modest gains in statewide voter registration since the 2010 election. There are almost 8,000 more Republicans, and Democrats have lost 9,000 voters. Small-i independents have shot up by over 70,000 voters. Small-i independents are mainly non-affiliated voters (NAV), but also include voters who belong to minor parties (Independent Party, Libertarian, Pacific Green, etc.)

The statewide Democratic voter registration advantage dropped a full percentage point since the 2010 election, from a 9.6% Democratic voter registration advantage down to 8.6%.

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Statewide Democratic voter registration spiked significantly in 2008, and has been declining since. The rate of decline slowed from 2010 to 2012.

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  • Cecil Nims

    It is nice to see former democrats coming to their senses and joining the republican party.

    • 3H

      Or, becoming independent.

      • Svede Norski and such

        You can tell a brain washed Dem but you can’t tell ’em much.

  • Rob Harris

    Here are figures from Sept 2010 to Sept 2012 for the three largest Oregon Parties

    Democratic Party : Loss of 12,797
    Republican Party: Gain of 9,342 voters
    Independent Party of Oregon Gain of 24,802 voters

    The Independent Party now stands at over 85,000 voters. It gained 4,000 last month. A lot more than either major party. They gained 1,000 in Mult. Co. Alone.

    Now it could be that new registered voters just tick the IPO box thinking they are signing up as unaffiliated. Or it could be something else.

    Regardless, if the IPO reaches about 107,000 members, it becomes a major party in Oregon.

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