Bonamici wins CD-1 special election

by NW Spotlight

Suzanne Bonamici (D) has won the special election to replace David Wu (D) in Oregon’s first congressional district, defeating Rob Cornilles (R) 54% to 40%.

Cornilles won in Yamhill County and outperformed the voter registration in Columbia County, but lost by 55% in Multnomah County, and lost by slightly more than the voter registration in Clatsop and Washington Counties.

Cornilles lost by a little over 29,000 votes – just over half of that vote difference came from Multnomah County.

Voter turnout for this special election was 50%. Turnout for the CD-1 special election primary last November was 45%. Turnout in the Republican upset in the NY-9 special election to replace Anthony Wiener last September was 22%. The higher turnout in Oregon’s special election is likely due to Oregon’s vote-by-mail.

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UPDATE #1: An additional 18,068 votes were added between 12:14 AM and 4:09 AM from Washington County. The vote counting in Washington County may have taken longer to finalize due to the large number of votes in that county. The numbers and statistics in this article now reflect the information from the Sec of State as of 4:09 AM on 2/1/2012.

UPDATE #2: The chart in this article now reflects the information from the Sec of State as of 5:19 AM on 2/4/2012.