A word of encouragement for fiscal conservatives

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC,

With Obama’s re-election we lost an important battle but I do believe taxpayers will win the war.   Americans share our low tax and limited government values.   Let’s not forget that Obama ran ads attacking Romney (falsely) that he would raises taxes — which was a repeat of when Obama ran similar tax increase ads on McCain in 2008.   Let’s not forget that Obamacare is more unpopular than it is popular and much of the worst Obamacare taxes and rules have yet to be enacted.    It is hard to replace an incumbent President, especially when he is one of America’s most masterful media personas.  Take away the President for a moment, and you see incredible seismic shifts happening on the state level (Wisconsin, Indiana, Texas, etc…) where taxes are being cut, school reform is advancing and lopsided government union power is being fought.   I think what is happening in the states will have an unexpected influence on the rest of the country.

As for Oregon….

It all starts at the top.  Obama won by 10%.   That 10% wave trickles down to the local races and greatly influences turn-out.  Strong statewide races on the ballot can counter the impact of a Presidential wave, but non-judicial statewide challengers this year faced a 100% incumbent wall. The only statewide challenger who had previously served as an elected official, Bruce Starr, is the one who came the closest to winning (despite having less money, a less damaged opponent and far less newspaper endorsements than the challenger for SOS).    Office holders with experience & name ID are the best weapons to unseat other office holders.