A word of encouragement for fiscal conservatives

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC,

With Obama’s re-election we lost an important battle but I do believe taxpayers will win the war.   Americans share our low tax and limited government values.   Let’s not forget that Obama ran ads attacking Romney (falsely) that he would raises taxes — which was a repeat of when Obama ran similar tax increase ads on McCain in 2008.   Let’s not forget that Obamacare is more unpopular than it is popular and much of the worst Obamacare taxes and rules have yet to be enacted.    It is hard to replace an incumbent President, especially when he is one of America’s most masterful media personas.  Take away the President for a moment, and you see incredible seismic shifts happening on the state level (Wisconsin, Indiana, Texas, etc…) where taxes are being cut, school reform is advancing and lopsided government union power is being fought.   I think what is happening in the states will have an unexpected influence on the rest of the country.

As for Oregon….

It all starts at the top.  Obama won by 10%.   That 10% wave trickles down to the local races and greatly influences turn-out.  Strong statewide races on the ballot can counter the impact of a Presidential wave, but non-judicial statewide challengers this year faced a 100% incumbent wall. The only statewide challenger who had previously served as an elected official, Bruce Starr, is the one who came the closest to winning (despite having less money, a less damaged opponent and far less newspaper endorsements than the challenger for SOS).    Office holders with experience & name ID are the best weapons to unseat other office holders.

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  • The GOP lost because our message was weak and we have not educated the voters. You cannot start to educate the liberal voters 6 months prior to the election, it is a long process. We must hit the airwaves, newspapers, and magazines with articles to continually point out how the liberal Democrats are weakening the middle class in the form of jobs, finances and opportunities. With a 20 to 30% voter disadvantage, the GOP must start now to persuade those liberal Democrats and Independents to change parties and vote GOP.

    • joe

      We lost all of these state races because we had the bottom of the barrel nominee for President. Romney the inspiration for Obamacare generates NO ENTHUSIASM!

      You idiots in the ORP who cheated delegates at the conventions & the Republican Party from a true convention are to blame not just for giving us 4 more years of Obama but the loss of the state legislature & all these hard fought campaigns. Reince Preibus, Allen Alley & John Boehner need to go away along with Rule 16 need to go away or their no longer is a viable Republican Party!!!

  • Tim Lyman

    You are deluded. We (the producer class) are f’d, as is the Republic. To the 47% we are nothing but an income source; evil exploiters to be exploited.

    Obama is the worst President this country has ever had, and the worst person ever to be come president. his campaign was the culmination of a decade of demonization by the D’s of the producer class and those who differ from them ideologically. Obama took it one step further with race hatred. Obama’s last minute campaign slogan of ‘revenge’ referred not only to revenge against people who have material wealth his base does not, but white people. If you doubt that you are either a fool, or a fool in denial. One of the highest trending phrases on twitter following the election is “F___ white people.”

    In Abraham Lincoln’s acceptance speech for the Republican party nomination for United States Senator from Illinois on June 16, 1858, quoted Mark 3:25, stating “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Lincoln incorrectly believed the issue would resolve itself without serious consequences to the Union, “I do not expect the Union to be dissolved—I do not expect the house to fall.”

    This is our 1858. I don’t know what the outcome will be, but it will not be pretty. Unlike our 1858 ancestors, we are not divided along simple geographic lines, or along a single issue, Obama and the Democrats have fomented race and class hatred to an unprecedented level. The civil war divided north against south, free against slave; our new civil war divides us neighbor against neighbor, exploiting the basest and most evil of human emotions – envy and race hatred.

    The irony is that those most affected by the coming storm are Obama’s core constituency – the urban poor. The Democrats replaced the plantations with the projects and the ghetto. These modern manifestations of race repression, unlike their ancestors, are not self sustaining. The day when we can no longer borrow foreign money to finance our deficits is coming, and when it does this dependent class will be the hardest hit. They will be rightly and righteously pissed off, and will let the rest of us know about in no uncertain terms.

    Things are going to get very, very ugly.

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