Rep. Chris Harker shows he has no class

Rep. Chris Harker

by NW Spotlight

First time Republican candidate Dan Mason ran a great campaign against incumbent Democratic Rep. Chris Harker (D-Washington County) in HD#34, a deep blue district with a 17-point Democratic voter registration advantage. Harker won re-election Tuesday night 64% to 36%.

The next day, characteristic of the class act that he is, Dan Mason sent Harker a message on Facebook “Congratulations on your victory Representative Harker. I wish you and your family the best!”

Chris Harker’s response? “Unbelievable and Nasty” in the words of a Democratic woman who read it. In a letter to Chris Harker, another Democratic voter wrote “Why the immature gloating? What happened to respect and winning graciously? You won, OK? The trash talk is offensive and really inappropriate.”

In his petulant Facebook post, Harker called Dan Mason “a thoroughly unqualified individual”, and gloats “we kicked Dan Mason’s butt. Those of us who live in the district can smile as we see his face on the bus benches and billboards for a little while longer.”

Dan Mason’s incredulous response on FB was “I sent you a congratulations message on your victory, wished you and your family the best, and this is your response?”

After a great deal of criticism, Chris Harker removed the classless Facebook post and sent Dan Mason an apology.

Dan Mason

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  • Ron Glynn

    Let this be a warning to every one. Once you put something out in Cyberspace, it is out there and may bite you on the ass later.

  • Guest

    What did Harker actually SAY?

    • Guest too

      The screen shot is embedded in the article . Just click on the underlined words – in this case, click on “his petulant Facebook post” and it will take you to the screen shot of what he actually said.

  • cap

    A classless Democrat? I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

  • Stormridercx4

    Even in NY when we lost or won we were able to congratulate the other people even though we disagreed with them. I have never seen such infantile nasty, stuff that I have seen in Oregon. We worked hard on Dan’s campaign, we had more than ample opportunity to trash Harker’s signs, but we didn’t, as this is a contest of ideas, and we don’t play like that. Chris Harker should be ashamed of himself and he has besmirched himself, his family and the Oregon legislature with his little mean spirited gloating . Apparently he forgets he represents all of us now, even though we disagree with him. Good job Chris you showed us what you are.

  • ardbeg

    Holy Smokes!! Do you not pay attention to all the stupid stuff, and I say ‘stuff’ instead of what I’d really like to say, that republicans say? Is the OC that biased and blind? Wow!! 1, one, uno democrate says something after the heat of battle that (I admit was stupid) and you morons run with it. I could go on for hours with quotes of stupid ‘stuff’ republicans say on a daily basis. What a bunch of fools! Livin’ the two party monopoly. Talk about “lame stream” media! Take off the glasses and see this 2 party system for what it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the subtitle “NW Spotlight”. Your not part of ANY spotlight, just biased, unintelligent, uniformed blah, blah, blah. When will you idiots post something intelligent. Oh, and by the way………….your ‘movement’ lost!

  • valley person

    On behalf of all liberal socialist Democrats everywhere, I just want to say to my Republican friends that we feel your pain, accept you as good and decent (if a bit grumpy) fellow Oregonians and Americans, and hope we can all move forward together for a better future. We promise to now stop gloating.Tomorrow.

    Tee hee.

    • Following these politicos like a sheep makes your existence as an individual meaningless. Get a life. None of these politicians care about you or I. Stop swallowing everything they spit at you.

      • valley person

        My existence IS meaningless. So is yours. We are all existentialists now.

  • Whit

    Just one more reason to avoid cities or counties who have elected Democrat candidates. We live in Newport, Lincoln County and are amazed at the empty headed Democrats who simply vote with the mob. If you ask them why they support Democrats at any level, they simply get angry and refuse to have a civil, reasoned debate. Harker may be a hero to Democrats, but he is yet another embarrassment to Oregon.

    • 3H

      “Lincoln County and are amazed at the empty headed Democrats who simply vote with the mob.

      Because if they weren’t empty headed, then, of course, they would vote for the Republican? LOL Seriously?

      Would you say that the Republicans who voted for Romney in Douglas county were empty-headed and voting with the mob?

      If you ask them why they support Democrats at any level, they simply get angry and refuse to have a civil, reasoned debate.”

      How is it possible to have a civil, reasoned, debate with someone who considers you empty-headed and having a mob mentality? I’m guessing THAT came across loud and clear from the very beginning. If you’re looking for a civil and reasoned debate, you might want to lose the attitude and check your assumptions.

      Harker may be a hero to Democrats, but he is yet another embarrassment to Oregon.

      And exactly which Democrats consider him a hero? I’d be interested in seeing your source for that.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Wow, this is truly about as classless as it gets. What I really love though is how Mason queries Harker in the replies and then Harkers apology is premised on the idea that someone not seeing Masons congrats excuses his behavior. Totally lame.

  • It’s Mike

    And Kim Thayer is a loser as well…. Jeez

  • We Republicans have more to worry about than going after someone for saying the truth. Harker’s opponent was unqualified and did get his butt kicked. I don’t know if we want to go down this candy assed politically correct road that the tone of this article suggests. As far as I can tell Harker is a successful competitive businessman that is reveling in a blowout. If I had won like that I would too. Less look at why we lossed (too many RINOs?) and do something to win big next time.

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