Rep. Chris Harker shows he has no class

Rep. Chris Harker

by NW Spotlight

First time Republican candidate Dan Mason ran a great campaign against incumbent Democratic Rep. Chris Harker (D-Washington County) in HD#34, a deep blue district with a 17-point Democratic voter registration advantage. Harker won re-election Tuesday night 64% to 36%.

The next day, characteristic of the class act that he is, Dan Mason sent Harker a message on Facebook “Congratulations on your victory Representative Harker. I wish you and your family the best!”

Chris Harker’s response? “Unbelievable and Nasty” in the words of a Democratic woman who read it. In a letter to Chris Harker, another Democratic voter wrote “Why the immature gloating? What happened to respect and winning graciously? You won, OK? The trash talk is offensive and really inappropriate.”

In his petulant Facebook post, Harker called Dan Mason “a thoroughly unqualified individual”, and gloats “we kicked Dan Mason’s butt. Those of us who live in the district can smile as we see his face on the bus benches and billboards for a little while longer.”

Dan Mason’s incredulous response on FB was “I sent you a congratulations message on your victory, wished you and your family the best, and this is your response?”

After a great deal of criticism, Chris Harker removed the classless Facebook post and sent Dan Mason an apology.

Dan Mason