Lars Larson on Taking the Kicker

Taking the public’s kicker was a bad idea then and it’s a bad idea now. Stealing the taxpayer’s money and their overpaid taxes is not ethical, it’s not legal, and it’s not constitutional.

We hear that the government needs our money more than we do. They do not. We hear that they will spend it better than we do. They won’t. We hear that if the government spends your tax dollars in the economy it will stimulate the economy more than if you spend those dollars. That’s bunk.

The government is famous for wasting your tax dollars and one reason they do that is they don’t have to work to produce those tax dollars. You do. So, when they waste them, they don’t feel the pain. You do.

The kinds of things you spend your money on, goods and services, make more jobs, producing more goods and services. The government often spends money on things that don’t generate a single extra job.

Let’s turn down this latest effort to get rid of Oregon’s tax kicker law.

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