A Republican fantasy

by NW Spotlight

“There is no battle… about how to solve a deficit problem since the state is awash in cash, the fruits of a robust economy… There is a super minority of Democrats who yield very little power. So the only debate is really between conservative Republicans and liberal Republicans.”

A Republican fantasy novel? Nope. North Dakota. For Oregon conservatives looking to take a break from the coming months of cold, dark and rain, it’s no Hawaii. But for Oregon conservatives looking to take a break from the coming months of Democratic domination, it’s paradise!

North Dakota talk show host Scott Hennen wrote yesterday about North Dakota’s “problems”. Problems like “Are tax payers getting enough of their money back?” Stop! You’re killing me!

Then he interviews North Dakota’s Republican Governor Jack Dalrymple, who says “We can cut taxes even further. We can fund our priorities and pay for a lot of new infrastructure investments, and we can still continue to build up some very good reserves to protect us against any kind of a rainy day,” followed by “I mean, to be able to lower taxes, to be able to provide more property tax relief, more income tax relief, help senior citizens with their homestead tax credit. To be able to do all that, and at the same time turn around and make major investments in roads and highways and educational buildings and other things for the future.”

Are you kidding me? A state that has more tax revenue than it knows what to do with because they’ve got a thriving economy?

Wish we had one of them Republican governors and Republican-controlled legislatures…