Oregonian flies cover for Oregon Dems


by NW Spotlight

It’s amazing how even though Oregon is completely controlled by Democrats, the Oregonian provides cover for the Democrats in their coverage by giving the misleading impression that Republicans are a massive force – especially when it’s something controversial.

Richard Read at the Oregonian wrote an article on the joint committee vote last night on the controversial Columbia River Crossing bridge project that makes it sound like Salem is being run by the Republicans. There are 16 members on the joint committee – and all the appointments to the joint committee were made by Democrats: by Senate President Peter Courtney and House Speaker Tina Kotek. The House and Senate are controlled by the Democrats, and we have a Democratic governor. Regardless, the Oregonian’s Read mentions one Democrat, Sen. Lee Beyer, and the rest of his article is about Republicans on the committee:  Rep. Julie Parrish, Sen. Chuck Thomsen, Sen. Fred Girod and Sen. Bruce Starr.

Where were all the Democrats on the committee? Were they asleep? Did they just get up and go home early? Were they holding their breath hoping no one would ask them about PERS reform?

For a better article on the CRC vote, read the article in the Salem Statesman-Journal – it even mentions Democratic Rep. Tina Kotek, who is only… the Speaker of the House!