Lars Larson on Tea Parties

I couldn’t be prouder of my fellow Americans for getting out and doing what the 1st Amendment says we should do””gather together with people of a like mind and get redress of our grievances from the government.

I get disappointed when Americans don’t take part in the political process, but I understand. Most Americans have jobs. They have families. They have hobbies, and they have things they’d rather do. They put the government in charge of a few people that we hire to do our bidding and to look out for our best interests.

Unfortunately, sometimes the government comes unglued and they become out of control. At that point, Americans make me proud when they take to the streets as they did on Wednesday. They hold the Tea Party protests around this country. Two thousand of them, all the way down to little Enterprise, Oregon, a few hours from where I stand.

That little town, with less than two thousand people, managed to muster up a protest of 150 folks. Americans, you should be proud of what you got accomplished yesterday. It’s not the end though.

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