Lars Larson on a Cap and Tax

Cap and Tax is going to be bad news for America. We heard all about it last Friday and Al Gore was the lead-off witness.

Former Vice President of the United States and a man whose net worth has soared from $2 million to $100 million, apparently because of his connection to this Cap and Tax scheme. This is a guy who wants to talk Americans into paying more for energy.

He tries to put the lie to the study that says average American families will pay another $3,100/year in Cap and Taxes if this scheme goes through. He says that’s not true. It’s only going to be $.30/day.

Let me tell you the logical contradiction there. If it is only $.30/day it’s not going to change behavior. If it is $3,100/year it’s going to cripple America. Either way it’s a scheme American’s can’t afford, but it’s a scheme that will make Al Gore a whole lot richer.

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