Is President Obama a sexist pig?

by NW Spotlight

With President Obama’s inappropriate comment and late apology this week, does he deserve harsher criticism for calling California’s Kamala Harris the “best looking” Attorney General?

Pres Obama - dream weaver

What would be happening if some Republican had done this?

Maybe this means that it wasn’t a fluke when President Obama was caught checking out a 16-year-old Brazilian girl at the G8 conference in 2009.

President Obama at the G8 conference in 2009


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  • mairez

    He should have had to personally apologize to all of the attorneys general.

  • Ballistic45

    Aren’t all Muslims?

  • Bob Clark

    I think the Prez might get a little cold shoulder at home, and this is probably enough punishment.

    There has been some criticism of the Prez’s administration being a little to much of a boys club. But as for this statement:

    It’s hard to kill off the eons of time men were men; so please cut the prez and us knuckle draggers some slack! Hey, Hey, that’s what I say.

    • Buster Barr

      There, there, you sound a little haunchy dory there dude.

  • ardbeg

    Really? All of the insane, stupid, unprofessional and just plain wrong things said by politicians in the previous months/years and this is what OC is worried about. Can you say “Out-of-Touch”?

    • Thayer Watt

      D’oh heavens! Three mouthkateers 3H, DavidAppell and ardbed bawl on base. On deck, Valley ‘Antagenon’ Person waiting for a signal from couch BlueOregon to swing away and score a grand slam with the whozits on the bias.

      • ardbeg

        I have no idea what the heck you just said. Maybe I’m just tooooooo old. Speak American and we will talk.

        • Thayer Watt

          In Bishop Jackson or Jeremiah Wright speak?

          Rand Paul or Joe Biden speak?

          Janice Rogers Brown or Debbie Wasserman Schultz speak?

          Ted Nugent or Michael Moore speak?

          Ronald Reagan or Louis Farrakhan speak?

          Ann Coulter or Cokie Roberts speak?

          Michelle Malkin or HIllary benghazi Clinton speak?

          • ardbeg

            How about regular English. My original point was correct the first time and still is. Politicians say a lot of stupid crap. Obama has said a lot of stupid crap. The OC picks this comment to post on? Maybe that’s why fewer and fewer people are reading this blog. Pick relevant /important topics or become irrelevant and unimportant.

          • DavidAppell

            It’s about point-scoring, not reasoned discourse. Some people can never get out of the point-scoring mode….

          • Thayer Watt

            And you a slam dunk Mensa mouth, DA?

          • Thayer Watt

            You a poll voucher, ardbeg?

  • JacklordGod

    I look at it this way – When Romney said he had asked for a binder of qualified women because he wanted women on his staff, the left went nuts over that one for about a week. Whooo hoo, he said “binder” was good enough there must have been several hundred Facebook memes maid of the event.

    Now, when the president says something clearly sexist, the left want’s to say “is that all you have to talk about?”

    Frankly I would think the left would welcome this kind of diversion. After all, do they really want to talk about the economy? The governments total lack of preparedness for Obamacare or health insurance costs going up due to it?

    Do you really want to be discussing anything substantive? Do you really want to talk about what a crap job your guy is doing in Washington? I sure don’t think so.

    • DavidAppell

      “Binder” was insulting precisely because Romney *wasn’t* looking at women as individuals.

      • JacklordGod

        Which is why he asked for a binder of women with their resumes, qualifications etc.

        Yep, so to conclude he wasn’t looking at them as individuals, whereas Obama with the sexy AG” comment was.

        This is why nobody takes you seriously David.

        • DavidAppell

          This is why nobody takes you seriously David.

          The number of your replies indicates that clearly you do.

    • 3H

      …several hundred Facebook memes maid of the event.
      Was that deliberate, or a freudian slip? 😉

      • JacklordGod

        Illustrating the folly of liberals claiming “is this all you can go on about” by making sure one of you guys would go on about one word of even lesser significance is a good way of illustrating my point. That you guys will excuse anything from Obama. Thank you.

        • 3H

          I’m sorry, given the context of the discussion I thought it was funny.

          However, since I wasn’t excusing Obama for anything, you have just proven once again that Rupert will make up facts.

          Please show me where I excused Obama. If you can’t, and since you always admit when you’re wrong, I’ll be happy to see your apology.

        • 3H

          Perhaps you should take your own advice, and read more carefully before you spout off.

        • 3H

          I knew you’d run away and hide. That is usually what happens when you realize that you’ve stuck your foot in your mouth once again.

  • It’s OK, Pres Obama is a liberal and thus gets a pass.

    • 3H

      Really Dick? I’ve seen quite a few liberals taking him to task.

      On a related topic, why do you think the Republicans have been so willing to give David Vitter a pass?

  • valley person

    So let me get this straight. Conservatives have their knickers in a twist because liberals don’t have our knickers in a twist? Can’t you people be more original?

    • guest

      Surly you jest.

  • LibsDeserveDeath

    A LOT OF WOMEN PROBABLY LOOK GOOD TO OBAMA, given the woman that he’s married to.

    • 3H

      Wow. Do you wonder why Republicans have a difficult time appealing to anyone but cranky old white men? Look no further.

  • LOL

    POTUS ‘Bama remains confused as to witch is better, taking advice of 72 founding father Virginian’s or playing golf with Elin’s ex and having access to his book listing 72 former virgins.

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