Lars Larson on Governor K Should Be Ashamed

The emails began this weekend. I was hearing from parents. I was hearing from grandparents. I was hearing from people who were just plain fans of the United States military. They were angry at what Governor Kulongoski had done.

He’d appeared at some of the Muster ceremonies where troops are being assembled in Oregon. They will be heading off to further training and then on to Iraq.

What did the Governor do? He gave long speeches about how dangerous it was over there. Something that all of those military families already knew all too well. And then what he did was worse.

He had decided he was not going to shake hands with anybody for fear of spreading the flu. I don’t know if that is a legitimate fear or not, but that is what he decided to do.

He could have kept his mouth shut, but instead he told the troops, “I’m not going to shake your hands because I’m worried about spreading the flu.” Instead, he gave them little containers of hand sanitizer.

The Governor didn’t have much class.

“For more Lars click here”

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  • steve

    I think Lars just farted!

  • Chris

    My Feeling was similar when i saw that on the news – What a coward. He’s willing to make headlines by showing up to see Oregons Citizen soldiers off to war shich may not have a job when they get back due to the closure of business in general in Oregon due to the “green” movement, but is too much of a coward to shake their hands.

    That just goes to show how out of touch he really is – Buy into the media overcoverage of the “Swine Flu” epidemic but not believe the unemployment numbers

    • contrarian

      He is a “coward” who served in the marines, more than we can say for Lars. Not shaking hands with them was the prudent thing to do. Imagine had he shaken everyone’s hand, where one person had the bug, and he ended up then contaminating the entire contingent.

      Grow up folks and find something worth whining about.

      • eagle eye

        Good point, didn’t vote for him, but I’ll hand it to him, he was in the Marines, southeast Asia, maybe before it got dangerous, maybe not. An orphan who did manual labor and then put himself through the University of Missouri and then law school (with the help of the GI bill).

        I think his record stacks up pretty well against that of certain other people, and is nothing to be ashamed of.

        Is it any wonder guys like Ted have such an easy time with the Repbulicans in Oregon?

        • Birds of a pink feather…

          Dean and Eagle Eye are to the Catalyst what Sam Adams and Beau Breedwell are to mentoring.

          • eagle eye

            As I said, “Is it any wonder guys like Ted have such an easy time with the Repbulicans in Oregon?”

  • Stephan Andrew Brodhead for Congress

    Wow! As a Flight Engineer in the Air Force Reserve, I was on the Alqeada to Gitmo operation. Our prisoners wore masks to prevent spreading of TB ridden sputem. When troops are in the confined space of an aircraft no amount of hand washing will prevent the inhalation of sneezing products. If a crew memebr had even the slightest cough, by the end of a 5 day trip 1/2 the crew caught it.

    Big Ted should have shook their hands and then just washed his!

    He must have been thinking about the 1918 swine flu epidemic that originated from Fort Leavenworth Kansas!

    So, there was a historical premise!

    But still Big Ted is an ass!

  • steve

    Contrarian makes a good point and proved mine which is Lars just farted.

    I am a navy vet, Desert shield/storm as a matter of fact-over two months in a combat zone. Gunners mate Guns and I was in charge of a gun mount with a crew of twelve. I served.

    Lars is a farting chicken hawk. Lars needs to stop farting and clucking over made up moral outrage. He has no right to speak for those who serve. He enjoyed Dessert storm from the looks of it. He only serves himself and his perverse ideology.

  • Anonymous

    OK, so clue me in to the D talking points.

    Where does accusing R’s of farting fit into the plan?

    As to K being a coward, I don’t know, but he sure as hell is a fool.

    • steve

      I didn’t accuse all R’s of farting or being clucking chicken hawks, just Lars.

      In fact, I know many Republicans who I respect even though I disagree with them most of the time. I also know many who served their country along with me and I appreciate their service and friendship.

      Now, I will share the D talking points with you on Lars. Ready?

      From the Democratic Central Politburo

      Anything that Lars writes shall be responded to with this official talking point.

      “Lars is a farting chicken hawk who scares himself with the sound of his own blustery wind.” then call him a Clucker.

      • Brad Rydman

        That’s pretty adolescent for a Navy vet, Steve. Instead of debating the issue at hand, just resort to name-calling. Grow up already.

        • Liberty Defender USA

          Steve did his growing up when he was serving on the front lines in a combat zone. That’s more than we can say about Chicken Larson and his fart-fueled radio show.

          • Anonymous

            “Steve did his growing up when he was serving on the front lines in a combat zone”

            Apparently not.

      • Steve is full of himself

        Poopsures here stink near as bad as Air Amerca droppings.

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