Oregon House Democrats in disarray


by NW Spotlight

Despite being in the majority, Oregon House Democrats are in disarray

  • Speaker Kotek had been bragging publicly: I have the votes for a tax increase!
  • But when HB 2456 came to the floor—within seconds, the Dems called for a recess.
  • When the Dems emerged from the recess, a minority report from Rep. Vicki Berger (R-Salem) was adopted unanimously!
  • Speaker Kotek’s tax increase vote never materialized.

There are other signs of disarray from House Democrats:

Haste makes waste

  • Dems have been rushing bills through the process-in such a hurry to raise taxes on job creators, and not doing their due diligence
  • Dems have been pushing anti-business bills with big fiscal impacts and costs to taxpayers, Republicans have been beating back bad bills

These bills were all on the fast track to passage, but are now being kicked back to committee:

Six bills referred back to the Rules Committee

  • HB 2748
  • HB 3174
  • HB 2960
  • HB 3142
  • HB 3307

Two referred to Ways and Means

  • HB 2743
  • HB 3403

One referred to Judiciary

  • SB 124

Held over to Thursday

  • HB 2662

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  • Bob Clark

    The war is never over. The Demwits will be back with a proposal to place on the November 2014 ballot a law to allow simple majority to pass tax increases, instead of the now 60% threshold. If the ballot were written fairly, or by a neutral party, voters could be expected to vote no. But the initiative and referral processes are rigged now in favor of the pro-bigger-government forces. Government officials and staffers, mostly standing to gain at least indirectly from bigger government, write or rewrite (in the case of individual petitioner) the ballot title; and election laws allow for a less than adequate description of what the law will do. So, the ballot title is often slanted to favor the bigger government solution, and the old saw “it’s for the children” often sells very well, especially with the pervasive low information voter.
    But let us celebrate the GOP victory, at least momentarily.

    • bartles

      Ballot title fight is on right now over the measure to let public employees opt OUT of the union AND opt out of the requirement to pay union dues. Huge issue.

  • marvinmcconoughey

    As a neutral in the partisan wars, the impression forms that the party in power became overly partisan to a degree that suggested arrogance and disdain for genuine compromise. These exaggerated turf battles harm Oregon.

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