Why President Obama and Dems are losing their anti-gun campaign


by NW Spotlight

An excellent read by a very articulate pro-NRA voice from the left – explaining to gun control Democrats how to make a better argument. The author, Virginia blogger Kontra, is left-leaning, pro choice, opposes ALEC and participated in the Occupy movement.


Allow me this humble suggestion: The best way to convince the American public that you’re not interested in taking guns away is to stop talking about taking guns away.

Firstly, when your politicians are asked, “Do you support state legislation to ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns?” as Obama was in his 1996 Senate campaign, you should never answer “Yes,” as Obama did. Publicly advocating a ban on all handguns is not the way to convince people that you’re not interested in banning guns. Furthermore, when you are campaigning for president, never say the phrase “I continue to support a [federal] ban on concealed carry,” as Obama did in 2004. This gives people the impression that your intention is to prevent the states from setting reasonable guidlelines on who can defend themselves outside of their home.