Americans for Prosperity: Packed and passionate summit!

Taxpayer Association of Oregon News Alert,

Over 300 people took time out of thier Friday to attend an all-day tarining seminar hosted by Americans for Prosperity Oregon Chapter called Defending the American Dream. Guest speakers were Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, Joe The plumber, Lars Larson and so many more. When asked how many attended one of the 22 Oreogn tax rallies and that event was their first political event — nealry half the people raised their hands!!! Congratulations to Americans for Prosperity Oregon Chapter for organizing such a spirited and fantastic event.

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  • Jaynee Germond

    It was wonderfully fun & energizing. It’s true! We Surround THEM!

  • Matt Evans

    Many thanks to all the AFP grassroots volunteers who made yesterday’s event possible. Our Chapter Leaders worked late on Thursday night and all day Friday giving those in attendance a great experience. Also very much appreciate the assistance of our partner groups – Taxpayer Assn of Oregon, 912 Project, Cascade Policy Institute, FreedomWorks, Leadership Institute, Oregon Tea Party, Resistnet, and Common Sense Oregon. A great, fun day with lots of energy.

    • Bono

      I hate to ask a stupid question. Is this the same Matt Evans of Oregon Tax Research? Those Your Taxes newsletters were the most fair minded analysis of the State Budget by anyone.

      • Steve Buckstein

        Yes, one in the same.

  • Sagano

    300 people on a work day, that is impressive. I find it funny as they were meeting in the convention center, the State Legislature blocks away was enacting a big gas tax. Is this Exhibit A or what?

    • Matt Evans

      I was actually asked by a reporter at the Capitol about whether the Legislature was out of touch with the economic reality outside the building. The answer is “yes” of course, given the unemployment rate, what tax increases will do to jobs, and the fact that of the last three Legislative efforts to increase taxes, two income tax increases were crushed by voters and a gas tax increase received a 12 percent “yes” vote. Incredibly, that is even less popular then a sales tax. To say this Legislative Assembly is out of touch with the voters may end up the greatest understatement of the 21st Century. Their tax increases are going to be referred, and they are going to be destroyed at the ballot box.

  • Sybella

    We really need to stop the corporate tax increase. In my business the proposed rate will create a $525,000.00 gross receipts tax but because the profit margin is extremely low, we show only 60 to 80,000 profit which is basically inventory left on hand. We don’t even take that much pay home for ourselves. If we can’t get it stopped, we can not stay in business.

    Hooray for everybody that was able to make that meeting.

    • Sybella

      Wow did I multiply that wrong. my tax would be $52,500.00. Still too much, I may be looking for a job.

  • joan calhoun/ Patriots

    It was a wonderful event/so well planned and executed. Speeches/training sessions/visits to capitol to find our reps and talk to them. The highlight for me was the speech by John Fund, as he is a political insider in Wash DC and had some truly extraordinary insights. Thank you AFP for all your hard work and inclusion of our group, Patriots.

    • Beaverton Working Guy

      When Democrats are in power, conseratives always rally with great enthusiasm and energy. Rush Limbaugh’s ratings go up and a lot more people listen to Sean Hannity. Membership in conservative groups increases as do their donations.

      None of that does much to change anything of course unless something tangible comes out of these conferences. Did you come up with some great new idea or approach this week-end? If not, it sounds like just so much noise and chest pounding.

      Who is going to run for governor in 2010 and win as a Republican, let alone as a conservative? No one. Who is going to break up the power of the public employee unions? No one.

      If you can’t do either of those things or at least take over one chamber in the legislature in 2010, then your noisy conference will mean nothing when all is said and done. It is likely that the firm hold the Democrats have on this state will be stronger after the next election than it is now, but hey, you had a nice conference.

      The question is still: what tangible result will come from it? Will you be able to gather the resources to refer to the voters all the tax increases the legislature passes? Can you do that and then win on election day?

      Even if you are able to do that, is that a defensive victory or an offensive one? Would that make Oregon more conservative or just stop things from moving as far in the opposite direction and they are headed?

      All it takes to hold an exciting conference is money. Money buys advertising to get people to come and pays to bring good speakers to your state. Usually a good time is had by all, but then nothing else happens. Is there any reason why it will be any different with this conference?

      • Adella Robison

        I see lots happening, the message by John Fund was to not ask for someone to lead but to get the grassroots moving. On
        everybody is working hard with activities and action. We are not dependiig on anyone else!! We know that we have get off our rears and fight!

      • joan calhoun/ Patriots

        Dear Beaverton–I work 8-12 hours per day trying to change the liberal agenda here in Oregon. How many hours a day do you put in on it?


        It was a great show of the sleeping giant of America waking up. Both parties have been taking us down this road. Shame on them! Thank God for Obama!!! He was the final straw to awaken the sleeping Giant of middle America. The ones who are taking care of their families working and minding their own business and carrying the load of taxes on their back. The tea Party movement is the sign that the giant has had enough. The Summit was a great education in dealing with the political world. Was not intended to be a think tank. @ $29, there was no big money made. It barelypaid for the convention center, lunch and the use of a bus that took us to the capitol for a rally. At the rally, members of the group went inside to use their new found skills to face their legislatures. A great start for a responsible group who has had enough! KEEP MOVING FORWARD MY FELLOW AMERICANS!!!

  • JimRay

    I’ll ask this question again, until answered; When will Bruce Starr and Larry George explain on this site why they voted to raise taxes. Starr’s case is rather easy to figure, George’s very perplexing. Nonetheless, why did you vote to raise our taxes boys?

  • Follow the money

    I think Larry George’s vote had something to do with the $192 million allocated for the long-awaited Dundee-Newburg Bypass project.


      Swell! Doesn’t Larry understand the Enviro’s + Gov’t = the bypass will never be built.
      Thanks Larry for the tax increase that’s headed for ODOT’s black hole.

  • Terri Applen

    The Defending the American Dream Summit in Salem, Oregon on Friday the 29th was great! I met a lot of new Patriotic friends from Resist Net that I’d only had previous contact with online, so it was a major boost to finally be able to place a real person with the name. I also met a number of new friends I’d never met before but I hope to meet again in the future…each one a real Patriot! I think the bottom line is: we gather together to meet real people with like minds, encourage one another and learn from each other how to be a better political activist so that we can positively impact our Nation by upholding our Constitution. I will not sit on my butt and allow this great Nation that God and our Founding Fathers created to be denigrated and turned in to a Socialistic country. I came away from the Summit energized and fired up even more because I realized I am not alone and together we will stand up to make a real difference for our Country. Thank you Americans for Prosperity for putting together such a great Summit in an awesome venue!! Now, let’s get out there and take back our Country because, believe it or not, it IS our Country and don’t EVER let ANYONE tell you any different!!!

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