Unnamed Oregonian Editorial Board Calls for Higher Taxes

On Monday, June 8, 2009, the Oregonian editorial board bravely called for higher taxes on working and successful Oregonians. Although they weren’t brave enough to sign their names, they were brave enough to say we must tax success and tax it now in order to save valuable state programs such as college, K-12 education, police, and prisons. This brave but anonymous board called for higher taxes on anyone making over $125,000 a year.

I applaud the Oregonian for this forceful and strong stand. Who would be in favor of higher taxes at a time like this? Only the very brave. Fortunately, for the editorial board, none of them fit into the earnings category that will be taxed higher and higher. Journalists don’t make anywhere near that much — especially at the Oregonian. However, you can not measure success by salary. They are brave and courageous people working for low wages in order to serve. I salute them.

The “editorial board” also said that the kicker law was bad (agreed — why give money back to people who don’t really need it?). They even made sure to mention that anyone opposing the new, higher taxes on the successful was obviously someone who did not care about Oregon and its essential services. This is a good start to getting these higher taxes enacted and enacted fast. The legislature should move full steam ahead now that it has the encouragement of this brave, yet unnamed, board.