Lars Larson on Surprising News from Sonya Sotomayor

Our latest Supreme Court nominee, Judge Sonya Sotomayor, has a little more surprising news for us. It came late last Friday night, which is a great way to bury that news over the weekend. But, here it is.

This woman, who still has some problems as she heads up to her confirmation hearing on July 13, has decided to quit the Belizean Grove. The Belizean Grove is an organization exclusively for women””elite women. She joined it about ten years ago. A lot of Republicans and conservatives say it’s a discriminatory organization.

A woman who has said wise Latinas are smarter than old, white men, and a woman who has held up reverse discrimination in places like New Haven, Connecticut, belonging to a discriminatory organization?

But, she says it’s not guilty of “invidious discrimination”. Oh! So there’s a good kind too. Thanks, Judge Sotomayor.

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