Kitz calls bone tossing session for 9/30

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by NW Spotlight

The Oregonian and Oregon Capitol Watch are reporting that Gov. Kitzhaber plans to call a special session on Monday, September 30th.

PERS is unsustainable and it’s crippling budgets for school districts and local governments across the state, but Gov. Kitzhaber can’t get the Democrats to vote to fix it because they are so thoroughly owned by the public employee unions.

Governor Kitzhaber believes can shave $5 billion off of the PERS unfunded liability – he just needs to get his own Democrats on board.

Toss a bone #1: To get the public employee unions to not go after Democrats in their primaries, Kitz is going to try to buy them off with about $211 million in new net “revenue” (taxes, fees, etc.). That’s on top of the staggering $2 billion increase in the session that ended a few months ago. The state’s General & Lottery funds’ budget went from $14.7 billion to $16.7 billion. That $2 billion increase was accomplished without a tax increase – it just took an improving economic outlook.

Toss a bone #2: To be able to raise taxes to buy off the public employee unions, Gov. Kitzhaber needs some Republican votes. To get those votes, he’s offering tax breaks for small and family businesses and certain agricultural exporters.

Imagine how much easier this would all be if the Democrats weren’t so thoroughly owned by the public employee unions.

Oregon Dem puppets

  • JackLordGod

    The old “I wanna do the right thing, but you guys have to give me cover by letting me do the wrong thing” scam. Politicians call it compromise but if you heard it from your children you would call it BS.

    It works like this. Politicians go and pretend to be holding the line against their bosses, public employee unions. They claim they will cut back on this or that excess of the union, but to get the union to go along, they also need to hammer the citizenry a little bit. That usually means taxes.

    Think about that for a minute. Does Kitzhabers logic even make sense here? “Ya know, we are going to hurt the unions here some, but in order to keep them from going after us in the election, you have to let us hurt you as well”

    What the hell is that?

    Anyway, here is how it usually plays out. The unions put on a phoney show about how angry they are about whatever concession was demanded, the tax increases on the citizenry go through, and then about six months later one of two things happens. The unions get the concession they gave over turned in the courts, or they come back in the dead of night and get the politicians to eliminate it.

    Anyone want to argue that’s not the case?

    If so good luck, because its exactly how we got in this mess. You know the 8% PERS guarantee? Yep, we got that one the same way. PEU’s we asked to give up raises, in exchange they got the 8% guarantee. Right after that they were back again, and got their raises, keeping the 8% guarantee.

    Moral – A guy who says he needs to do the wrong thing in order to do the right thing probably is full of crap.

  • Oregon Outpost

    Part of the reason the Dem’s have a majority in Oregon is because of the Republican Party. At both the national – and I think to a lesser extent the Oregon State – levels, the Republican base of tp members and sympathizers drive out moderate voices because of their insistance that their way is the only way.

    There is a path to majority. From a recent analysis I did on voter trends on Oregon:

    “Overall, younger voters are not becoming more Democratic. They are becoming becoming less Republican. They are not fleeing to the Democratic party, and Oregon isn’t more Democratic in Principle.”

    (Entire article, for those interested…)

    Getting to majority for the OR GOP will require one of three things, from most likely to least likely

    1. Portland and Kansas swap populations
    3. Some disease wipes out every Oregonian under 50 y/o.
    3. A majority of Oregonins comes around to the tp agenda, or
    4. A more moderate OR GOP

    The OR GOP has elected to stay small, but true to the values of it’s base. So don’t blame the Dem’s for running the show because the OR GOP base is too proud to believe there are other valid positions on complicated issues.

    • Oregon Outpost

      …one of four things…..I added one mid draft…

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