Ellen Rosenblum: Good smoke/bad smoke

marijuana smoke_thb

by NW Spotlight

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum is going after woodstoves. She is joining officials from six others states in filing a lawsuit against the EPA because they feel the EPA isn’t doing enough about air pollution from NEW woodstoves.

Attorney General Rosenbloom issued a press release that said “Smoke from residential woodstoves pose a real threat to air quality.”

So some smoke is bad. But not all smoke.

Remember, this is the Ellen Rosenblum who got elected with hundreds of thousands of dollars in marijuana money. The same Ellen Rosenblum who Willamette Week quipped had broken the “Grass Ceiling” for being “the first statewide official in Oregon whose election was fueled by drug money.” And not just any statewide official – she’s the attorney general. Someone who Willamette Week says is willing to “pander to the marijuana crowd.”

So smoke from marijuana – good. Smoke from a wood stove – bad.