Jason Conger looking to help Oregonians keep their health insurance

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Jason Conger for U.S. Senate

PORTLAND, ORE – Rep. Jason Conger (R-Bend) released a statement today questioning Oregon Insurance Commissioner Laura Cali’s refusal to delay the cancellation of health insurance plans for over 140,000 Oregonians due to Obamacare.  Rep. Conger said he planned to use legislative days next week to explore potential solutions with his fellow legislators.

“We were promised that ‘If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep it.’ ” Conger said. “Millions of Americans, and over 140,000 Oregonians, are now finding out that it is not true and are losing their health insurance coverage.  It is not enough to talk about the failure of Obamacare or complain about the lack of leadership from Washington, we need to do whatever we can at the state level to help individuals and families who are losing their health insurance coverage in just a few weeks.”

The Federal law requires health insurance policies to be terminated by March 31st, but most of the policies will not be renewed on December 31st. Recently, state officials have rejected the idea of pushing back the cancellation date to allow Oregonians more time. Additionally, Oregon’s online insurance exchange has failed to launch and, as of November 8th, no one had been able to enroll due to technical problems with the website.

“It is outrageous that 140,000 Oregonians will be forced out of the health plan they chose, despite the promises that were made,” explained Rep. Conger. “I plan on meeting with my colleagues to find a way to help the families that have been impacted by the Obamacare roll out.”